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27 Nov 2017

A Get Well Card of Sorts for Kepi

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Kepi, I loved the coin your husband gave you as a get well soon coin. I have a couple of coins with Britannia and her lion that I want to offer you as a get well card. So without any further ado, I present to you "The Nymph of the Islands" and "Una and the Lion."

This beautiful rendition of Britannia as the "Nymph of the Islands" blends the imagery of “paradise” from Milton’s poetic work “Paradise Lost” with that of “Una and the Lion” from Spenser's “The Faerie Queene”. In the story of Una and the lion, a ferocious dragon imprisons Una’s parents, the king and the queen. Una, the young princess decides to embark on a quest to free them. While on her journey, Una encounters a lion determined to eat her. However, Una’s innocence and beauty so enchants the lion that instead of eating her he becomes her companion and protector. Along with Britannia and the lion, an illustration of “paradise” adorns this coin with the flora and shoreline of Albion. Albion, so named by the ancient Greeks, is the oldest known name of the British Isles.

This coin unlike many of the others in my collection comes with a certificate of authenticity. On the COA, the engraver of this beautiful coin describes the allegory of his design. The following paragraph is the engravers comments and a description of the allegory.

The portrait remains faithful to her character, giving her a more contemporary air yet still associating her with symbols of Britain. Christopher Le Brun admits that he found Britannia familiar yet 'profoundly strange and highly emotive' and was pleased that her emblematic nature gave him to 'return to the original notion of Britannia as the personification of Nymph of the Islands'. "I find this very evocative: the figure on the shore of Albion, the wooded island, owing something to the imagery of Spenser and Milton". He has, therefore, chosen to depict her in a traditional seated pose with a watchful lion at her feet and in the distance a shoreline of cliffs. The obverse is a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II and has been designed by Ian Rank Broadley. 


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

those are some very nice coins. thanks for writing this blog

Gary, that was nice of you to send a "get well card" to Kepi. Interesting coins and blog. Thanks for sharing!


Level 6

This is a very nice and thoughtful thing to do for a fellow wounded Numi!!!


Level 5

Very nice.


Level 7

Very nice thing to do. Mike.


Level 6

Thank you Gary! What a cool surprise! These two Britannia are beautiful also. Really interesting blog too! Thanks again!


Level 4

Now that is a coin you can be proud to own.


Level 6

WOW, a beautiful coins! Enjoyed the blog.


Level 6

Beautiful, very nice blog. This coin is prettier than the original Una and the Lion, IMHO


Level 4

Very nice sentiment Gary -

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