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27 May 2019

My Take on the Upcoming ANA Elections

World's Fair of Money | coinsbygary

I just finished electronically submitting my ballot for the upcoming ANA elections. Nothing could have been simpler for me to do. In fact if you are accustomed to surfing this site you will have no problem electronically submitting a ballot. With that I heartily encourage you to submit your ballots for the candidates of your choice. Simply read the biographies and/or view the video of each candidate and submit your ballot.

11 May 2019

Happy Mothers Day!

Coins-World | coinsbygary

Happy Mothers Day to all the ANA Mothers. Some years ago I may have posted this coin but I don't remember. That said the message of this coin is always appropriate and I dedicate it to mothers everywhere. Therefore, I am posting this coin and its story now.

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