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26 Feb 2021

Numismatics and Social Media

Collecting Tips | coinsbygary

I wrote the following on 2/3/21 in response to a collector who lives a fair distance from his nearest coin shop. In his blog, he talks about social media and its effect on the coin market. The author of the blog wrote it in response to an article by Jeff Garrett. The link to Jeff's article and the blog are posted below. In my edited answers to him below, I will make references to some of you. Please know that I am not talking directly to you. But I am referring to my perceived knowledge of you in this response to him. I am also posting a proof version of a French coin commemorating medical research that I wrote about in a previous blog. All I can say about that is stunning!

20 Jul 2017

This Coin is Out of this World!

Coins-World | coinsbygary

I had first posted this as my Coin of the Month in 2012. In celebration of the 48th anniversary of Neal Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landing on the moon and that same moon casting it’s shadow on the Earth in about a month I am re-posting it now. I grew up as a space nut, having been all of 11 years old when the moon landing first occurred. I remember where I was when I first heard the news that the Eagle had landed. I was enjoying myself at picnic sponsored by my father’s employer when the announcement came over the loud speaker followed by everyone cheering! Next month I’ll be in Southern Illinois cheering the total eclipse of the sun!

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