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28 Dec 2020

Coins of the Great White North in under 450 words

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Welcome to the next blog in the 450 words series. I recently found some Canadian coins in my basement and it gave me a blog idea. Here we go.

Canadian coins have interested US collectors for years, and the most highly collectible were and still are from Newfoundland and possibly Nova Scotia. They always have the King or Queen of England and "Dei Gratia Rex" on the obverse (Except some commemoratives) and the denomination, date, and symbol on the reverse. Did you know that Canada is one of only 15 countries that currently mints magnetic coins from its federal mint? You can seriously find a Canadian penny (With the Royal Canadian Mint mark) on the street and pick it up with a magnet and it will stay on. The most expensive Canadian coin is the 1911 Canadian silver dollar in at least VG condition. It was sold to one collector for $555,000 USD. The only other one known to exist is in the Canadian National Currency Museum in Ottawa, near the Royal Canadian mint and there were less than 5 minted. It is not even in the Catalog of Modern World Coins. Good luck finding that one!! :) :)
Canadian coins have been minted in 7 denominations: 1 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 25 cent, 50 cent, 1 dollar coins, and 2 dollar coins, with the pure silver and gold "Maple Leaf" bullion coins having 5 and 50 dollar values, respectively. The pure silver coin has appeared in the Pride of Two Nations silver coin set along with the American silver eagle. (see my "Silver Coins in 450 words" blog for more on the Canadian silver maple leaf and the Silver Eagle). Since 1860, the obverse of Canadian coins and Maple Leafs has pictured six different monarchs: Victoria, Edward VII, George V, George VI, and Elizabeth II.

The best Canadian coin I have ever seen was a MS-60 George VI nickle minted in '37, one of the coins I found in my basement. I was interested, and did some research in my Catalog of Modern World Coins, and that it what led to this addition to the 450 words series in the first place. Pictures down below.

That wraps it up, sohope you had a great christmas (If you celebrate it, that is!),Happy New Year,and see you in 2021!!!

Bibliography: Catalog of Modern World coins, My own Canadian collection, and Canadian Coins google search keyword.



Level 4

I still find Canadian coins in change every year.

I've been assembling a collection of Canadian Pennys from circulation, and I have had surprising success. I've gotten all the way to 1920, minus the extremely rare dot penny.


Level 5

Canadian coins can be fun to collect.


Level 6

I am a big fan of Canadian Coins, I was wondering what the circumstances were behind that beautiful nickel in your basement. What is the backstory, was it just a random find or did someone save Canadian coins?


Level 3

Random find. I have never bought any coins ever and I know no other collector personally.


Level 5

I likes this blog! History and coinage, just the ticket! Well written and researched, I have a modest collection of Canadian circulation coins and some circulation and proof sets from Canada, I likes em! Looking forward to your next blog! Later.


Level 6

I really enjoy Canadian coins! Thanks for a well written blog! Enjoyed it ; )


Level 5

Very well written! Much of this was new to me! Happy to see you posting! Thanks for the info, ill look out for the next one. Cheers, NM


Level 6

Brilliant blog. Well done. You sure did a fine job. Well researched, not just 450 words. Thanks.


Level 5

Nice coin, and thanks for sharing!


Level 5

You cover a lot in 450 words. Nice blog.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I've always enjoyed collecting Canadian coins


Level 5

Always enjoy reading about Canadian coins. I have a few myself. Canada cent books start with 1920 date. 1998 proof sets, antique and regular. And the maple leaf 5 dollar silver. Have a few privy marked ones. I sometimes forget what a Canadian coin collector I really am ! Thanks for reminding me !


Level 5

That is a great find! Wow is it shiny and old! Nice Blog!


Level 7

Thanks for the research and information. The Queen is always the Obverse of the coin. Yea they make quality coins but pricy. There nice to collext. Thanks!!


Level 3

Sorry pictures are sideways and have bad light but they work

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