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24 Aug 2014

Very First

| dforgacs

Hi friends!

This is my first blog post, and actually my first 10 minutes of being a registered ANA member, w00t!

I'm 31 years old, American, and have been slowly collecting my whole life. My great aunt got me started as a young child with commemoratives from the 80's and early 90's. My dad passed away in the early 90's and I inherited his here's and there's (nothing of any real note, looking back. At the time, however, it seemed like great stuff to a wide-eyed tween). I've been purchasing mint sets, some commemoratives here and there, digging through other folks collections to find stuff that I really like, and buying some odds and ends from the local dealers for the last 15 years or so. 

As far as i've been able to specialize at this point, is silver eagles, circulated us currency 1900 and up, and commemoratives. I have quite a lot of 1900-1964 circulated currency (by a lot, i mean 200 or so pieces, maybe $3,000 USD worth), and I especially favor the barber coins. 

Just recently I've began grading collections for others that know very little, mostly who've inherited a collection, and need to know the best ways to sell. This leaves me with very little risk, as the folks I'm helping would have been screwed either way without my help. I get them in the ballpark, even if my grading is wrong, far closer than they would have been able to do - which allows them to go to a dealer with more confidence rather than taking the lot to an auction and losing their a$$es. I've found myself to be surprisingly accurate, and I just graded a $6,000 collection and was within $500 of what the dealer offered them for the whole shooten' match. I'm starting to feel that I have a natural eye for grading, and i'm trying to add as much knowledge as possible to that natural skill and hopefully grow some real fruit someday!

So, i'm not sure who reads these.. I assume I probably need to promote the blog or point someone at it in order to get any views, but if not - and you're reading this now, send me a message so I know about it! And maybe share some insights for a young up-and-coming collector with a real passion and drive for numismatics, but a new family and very light coin pouch for new purchases! :-(.. BUT... since i've been brokering deals for those less knowledgeable, i have been able to expand my collection by way of commision payments in lieu of cash! 

That's it for tonight!

Dave out. 


Mike Burns

Level 6

Welcome to the bet hobby in the world and a great source of information. Have fun.


Level 5

Welcome to ANA! Awesome for a first few minutes!


Level 4

Welcome Dave!! Folllow me back


Level 5

Welcome to the ANA Dave! It sounds like you've got some great grading skills (would that I could say the same), and hopefully you can put them to good use! Happy Collecting!

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