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Level 4

Wow, what a gorgeous coin! And what an exciting experience that must have been for you -- many congratulations, and thank you for your contribution to our national legacy.


Level 7

That sounds very exciting. You can't do better than that. You helped out got a beautiful coin good memories. Enjoy it and thanks for the info and the beautiful picture of that coin. Mike..


Level 5

It must have been quite a ceremony. Congrats.

Beautiful coins! Congratulations on being in the video and thanks for sharing.


Level 6

I visited Fort McHenry a few years ago & was impressed. It must have been a wonderful experience to be there for the day of release. It's great when collectors get so involved with their hobby.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

very interesting video and coin. i live in Baltimore and have gone to Fort McHenry National Monument multiple times but not in the past 5 years so i haven't seen that coin yet but i should scheduled a trip to see it. what video were you in and where if you don't mind sharing?


Level 4

The video is embedded in the link above with the text https://coins.www.collectors-society.com/WCM/CoinCustomSetView.aspx?s=9738 Click the link in my original blog entry.

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