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23 Dec 2016

Hawaii: The Maui Coin Club Silver Issues

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In 1981 the Maui Coin Club (MCC) suspended club meetings and is now an inactive club. It took me a few years to complete my Maui Coin Club silver medal set. Interestingly, I actually obtained the last few medals to complete my collection from a gentleman who resides on Maui.

The medals were struck in limited quantities by Pressed Metals Products located in the City of Vancouver, Canada, which is still an active manufacturer of high quality metal items.  

My MCC silver collection --->>>  Maui Coin Club silver issues

One of the most unbelievable numismatic research events happened to me after I contacted  Pressed Metals Products in 2014 for permission to use a MCC medal image on their website. Jokingly, I asked the President of Pressed Metal Products if he had any MCC medals in his inventory to sell me. I was astounded that he said he had a few "working samples" in the company's archive. These "working samples" were struck at the same time as the original issues, but never was issued (never left the company's facility).  After a few days of negotiation and reviewing images of these medals, we struck a deal. He knew that these "working samples" would be admired and taken care of (which they have been) by a collector and allowed me to purchase his archived samples. I made sure that the medals were not cleaned in any way and obtained a letter of provenance that attest the status of the medals, identify the seller as the President, and the purchaser as yours truely. These medals are unique and prized specimens in my Hawaiian medal collection. 



Level 7

Wonderful deal. Those medals will be well persevered. There in the right hands and you deserve it. I know these will be enjoyed.


Level 5

Way to go the extra mile to preserve history.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

That's a great story. It sounds the medals made it into the right hands too.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

thanks for sharing theinsightful information


Level 6

Nice story. There is so much to collect. Medals make great "companions" to a coin collection.


Level 6

Enjoyed the blog! Medal collecting makes a person's collection so much more interesting, than just coins.

Very interesting! You were very smart to obtain a letter of provenance that attested the status of the medals and identified the seller as the President...

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