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31 Dec 2016

My Trifecta Discovery of Frank Gasparro's Design

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One day this past summer as I was searching an online auction website for US Mint medals, I made this "trifecta" design element discovery.

I made sure that I documented this numismatic find at my website (image being shared in this blog entry was posted on August 4, 2016)

Imagine the thrill making this undocumented design connection for the first time.

This was only achieved from my numismatic research findings of the President of the United States special Government medal (POTUS sGm) series (which I originally named Dwight D. Eisenhower Appreciation medals, then Presidential Medal of Appreciation). The POTUS sGm information was the missing piece that made the "trifecta" design discovery.

The "trifecta" design discovery is the use of the dual torch design (which is a symbol of liberty).  See the image.

The left medal  is the obverse of the 1960 President Eisenhower Class 2 POTUS sGm. 

The middle medal is the reverse of the 1961 President Kennedy Inauguration medal.

The right medal is from the reverse of the 1962 General MacArthur Congressional gold medal.

My trifecta findings:

1. Each of the medals with the dual torch design was the work of Frank Gasparro.
2. Frank Gasparro's dual torch design was used on US Mint medals in the years 1960, 1961, and 1962.
3. Each of the three medals honors prominent Americans.



Level 5

quite a find.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

beautiful pieces and nice discovery

Great research find, there's still so much unwritten concerning U.S. Mint medals. Interesting to know Gasparro "recycled" a few designs. Truth was he was probably very busy at the mint and technology sped things up. He didn't have the leisure Barber and Morgan had when submitting things.


Level 6

Nice items. Enjoy the information. I collect a few topics in medals. I find it very rewarding.


Level 6

I have advocated collecting the works of a favorite designer/sculptor. You are certainly doing this. These are great items, historical too. Anyone interested in collecting Presidential medals/works would appreciate this. I hope you make more good finds; I enjoy reading about them.


Level 7

Nice discovery. I knew a couple of designers did bronze medals of the presidents in bronze but I didn't know about these.there beautiful .They were made for different reasons. To bad theys till don't make them like they ued to. Thanks.

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