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06 Mar 2018

One of the First Kennedy Half Dollars Struck

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An interesting historical specimen from years past that I recently added  to my collection.

A first-day-of-issue (March 24, 1964 on letter) 1964 Kennedy half dollar.

Issued to Congressman Stephens from President Johnson. 




Level 4

That is great!Tell us how you acquired it. Thanks


Level 6

What a wonderful piece of history! Thank you for sharing it with us.


Level 6

What a treasure! Thanks for this.


Level 3

That is very cool. Thanks for sharing.


Level 4

That is a very neat piece of history! Great find! Keep collecting and thanks for sharing!

Michael Marotta

Level 4

Very nice catch. It is a historical artifact. Congratulation.

Remarkable that both are still intact. You have some unique stuff.


Level 6

A great double piece of history. The coin itself and the document dated the month the coins were released to the public. Thanks!


Level 6

It is nice to historical documents to add information to a person's collection.


Level 7

That's a piece of history. The signature and letter alone. He probably got a box and shipped them out to everyone in congress. I know he personally signed the condolence letters of those lost in Vietnam after he took office. He was very personable like that. Thank you for this piece of history and this blog. Mike.

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