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24 Jan 2017

Please President Eisenhower...May I have one?

Exonumia | DrDarryl

More research clarification for my in-progress book.

Image is a partial article clipping I just had to share.

Must have been a real pleasure to receive one from President Eisenhower himself !!

The Hawaii version video.
I included images of the "Provenance Memo" and "Hawaii Payment Voucher". Key documents to organize and form the POTUS sGm series.




Level 5

Thanks for the info.

Eisenhower loved to give out medals as souviners of his many visits. Hard to believe the man wasn't a numismatist.


Level 4

He was a collector! He donated his collection to the Smithsonian. Here is a link to my previous blog entry. https://www.money.org/collector/drdarryl/blog/president-eisenhower-s-personal-coin-collection


Level 6

I would have loved to receive one of those medals direct from the mans hand. Thanks!

Interesting! He was a great man. It would have been an honor to receive one of them from him. Do you know how much they sell for today? Thanks for sharing!


Level 7

Sounds like the ANA is turning into a book club. That's fine by me as long as there about coins.I like Medallic I own a few of there medals. I was looking at some the other day. Good blog thanks for the information. Mike


Level 6

I'd be very interested in your book. Medallic portraits of Ike? I wrote an article on medallic portraits of Thomas Jefferson. Not published yet.


Level 4

Pretty Cool - How long until your book is ready Doc?

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

thanks for continuing the interesting research

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