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07 May 2021

A break from my writing

| Eriknation

Hi, this is eric and I wanted to tell everyone that i won’t be writing as much. This is because i have lots of end of the year exams and lots of homework. I still will be updating you guys with info on numismatics though. Just not as much. And I’ll tell you guys if i did good on my exams.Thanks,EricP.S here’s a fun facts about me: i love to collect rocks and read books.



Level 4

Sounds like you know your priorities.


Level 5

School is number 1. Keep up the good work!


Level 6

Thanks for the update! Good luck with your exams and school work. Rocks are great to collect!!! ; )

Long Beard

Level 5

Understandable. I haven't collected rocks in well over thirty-five years. Still read the books though. Scorpion Down, Sunk By the Soviets (Ed Offley) at the moment.


Level 5

Keep up the good work. Check in when you can. Thanks


Level 6

Good decision. School first. Collectors will collect anything. Smart collectors read. Good luck!


Level 4



Level 7

Well thanks for telling us. First of all your doing the right thing. School is the important thing. The coins will always be here. So do well. When you do well in college and get a good job you can buy anything!

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