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18 Jun 2021

All about Half Dimes

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Hello Fellow Numismatists, today I will be talking about half Dimes and dimes. Let's start off with half dimes. Half dimes were one of the first coins ever minted in the United States Of America. They are made ninety percent silver and ten percent copper. They were very light in weight but they are still worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars. At some time Philadelphia was the only mint so most of the half dimes were minted in philly. But, New Orleans and San Francisco one minted half dimes. Half dimes were both minted for circulation and as proofs. The pattern coin was minted in 1792. They made flowing hair half dimes (1794-1795), draped bust half dimes (1796-1805), heraldic eagle reverse half dime (1800-1805), capped bust half dime (1829-1837), and the liberty seated half dime (1837-1873). There were also many errors and variations. There were varieties such as the No Stars On Obverse (1837-1838), Stars On Obverse (1838-1853), Arrows At Date (1853-1855), and the Stars On Obverse with the weight standard of the arrows at date half dime (1856-1859). There were errors like the no drapery, misprinted letters, double died, Repunches, and more errors! Now I want to talk about the values of half dimes. Most half dimes are worth from about 20 dollars to a couple hundred dollars in G-4 condition. (G stands food good) But most half dimes in Uncirculated are worth at least a hundred dollars and some can even be more than one hundred thousand dollars! One of the rarest is the 1792 half dime in Mint State condition; they are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. And the 1870 S half dime in mint state 63 condition was once sold for $661,250 dollars! Today it is valued at more than one million dollars! Some valuable errors include the 1859 obverse of 1860 and the 1859 reverse of 1860. Now I want to talk about some fun facts about the half dime. Did you know that the weight of the coin was lowered even more! The weight was reduced to 19.2 grains by the act of February 21, 1853. And did you know that the half dime was minted because in November 1792, President Washington mentioned that he wanted small coins in circulation. And once the 1792 half dime in Mint State 68 sold for $1,500,000 privately. And last but not least, the 1870 S half dime was actually found in a coin dealer's old bag of coins! And according to some U.S mint records, no 1870 S half dime was actually minted, yet it was genuine! That's why it's valued at so much money today!

That's it for today I might be posting another blog tomorrow or the day after that. P.S for those asking what national parks I went to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National park. We visited many cool sites including the General Sherman Tree (Biggest Tree In The World)!

Thanks for reading my blog. :)



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Good information. Thanks for your research! ; )


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Bibliography please. I want to know were I can read more.


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Very nice information. Never collected in this area. Nice area to collect for sure.


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Nicely done. If I can give a hint, I would like to see your sources list. It makes your blog more professional and also helps us read more about your subject. Just my opinion. Nice blog.


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yep. i forgot the citations

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