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27 Sep 2021

Book review on the guide to Lincoln cents

| Eriknation

Hello everyone its Eric here! Today I will be doing a review on the book Guide to Lincoln Cents by Q. David Bowers (3rd edition).

This book is very awesome and it covers a lot of info on Lincoln Cents. It covers the history of the Lincoln cents, values, errors, grading standards, designs and much more. It covers the wheat cent, memorial cent, shield cent and more. I think that the grading standard page is very useful. I’ve always been wanting to figure out the grade of my cents. The value guide talks about what happened in the U.S.,in numismatics, and news about the Lincoln cent. This book also includes an error guide which is very cool and helpful. This book is definitely worth buying and will definitely help you and me in the long run. So I recommend everyone buy this book. It’s very useful and very informative on Lincoln cents.


Eric P.S. sorry that I don’t have a photo of my book.


AC coin$

Level 6

Thanks do you know if that book is in PDF format ?


Level 6

QDB is a great asset to the hobby


Level 6

You picked a very good book to review. Good job. Thanks


Level 6

Any book written by Q. David Bowers is a great book! Thanks for the review! ; )

It's Mokie

Level 6

I always enjoy the way Mr. Bowers weaves our history into each of his Red Book Guides, regardless of the denomination. This book and his others should definitely be in any collector's library. Thanks EN, nice callback.


Level 7

After 28 years of collecting and buying books my wife said I go or the books. They now belong to the library!! Thanks it sounds like a book I would buy!


Level 5

Our coin club library has a couple of this book. Great book to research errors also if your searching for errors. Lots of varieties or errors you might not notice without the book. Nice book for sure.


Level 5

I actually have the 2nd edition of this book, and it's great. Read through it like a chapter book. Thanks for sharing!

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