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25 Sep 2021

Franklin Half dollars

| Eriknation

Hi, it’s Eric! Today I will be talking about Franklin Half dollars. Oh yeah. I forgot to tell everyone that one of my classmates got the virus. But thankfully I have no symptoms and got a negative Covid test. That’s very good because now I can go back to school. I had to quarantine for 3 days.

Moving on, let’s talk about the Benji’s (Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar).

Benji’s were minted from 1948 until 1963 designed by John R. Sinnock. Benji’s were minted from Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. They are made up of ninety percent silver and ten percent copper and weigh 12.50 grams like a regular half dollar coin. These silver coins were made because John thought that the Liberty Walking half had been in circulation for too long. On the obverse is Ben Franklin, one of the founding fathers of our country. On the reverse side is the Cracked Liberty Bell, which you can see in Philadelphia. The mint mark is located on top of the bell on the reverse side. Let’s talk about the values of these half dollars.

Benji’s can easily be found coin roll hunting; they will probably be in circulated condition. If you were to sell one I think it could go for three or four dollars. Ones in mint state can sometimes go for over a hundred dollars. It depends on the mintage. Proof Benji’s were also made and can be worth hundreds of dollars sometimes.

There are also some errors on these half dollars too. Like the 1961 Proof doubled due. That can go for thousands of dollars. There aren’t many errors because these half dollars were only struck for 15 years! They were replaced because Kennedy was assassinated and the U.S. wanted to make a half dollar honoring him for his service.

Fun fact: there is a small eagle on the reverse side of the coin because one of the requirements was to include an eagle on every reverse side of a coin. That was one of the rules at the time. I’m very sorry if you didn’t learn much because this coin wasn’t minted for that long so there isn’t very much I want to talk about.

I think I will be writing about an ancient coin or foreign coin next time :). So make sure to stay tuned for that @foreigncoinlovers @ancientcoinlovers.


Eric the coin Kid



Level 5

Tell me where to find one for $3-$4! That’s less than melt!!!


Level 6

Nice blog! The Franklin is a great coin! ; )


Level 6

Nicely done. Great blog on one of my favorite coin series. I am unhappy it had such a short run. I felt great in your pocket. That was real money for a 50's kid. Thanks for trying to post a photo. I feel they add a lot.


Level 5

Glad your friend is doing well. Nice info on Franklins. Thanks


Level 7

I just say Erik you have come a long way. Lots of info. A great coin to collect. Thanks!

AC coin$

Level 6

Nice blog ,great line


Level 4

Sorry I don’t have a photo it’s no letting me post it.

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