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27 Feb 2021

My Coin Collection

| Eriknation

A few months ago I started coin collecting I collected any coin. From us coins to foreign coins and tokens. Then one day I realized I needed somewhere to put my coins so me and my dad did some woodwork and built a box. I was very happy to have somewhere to store my coins. After that I kept coin rolling and looking in change. And now I almost have it full with my red book, Pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars, dollar coin, and bills. And I have lots of foreign coins as well from Japan Germany Switzerland Brazil Canada etc. My dad had found the during his travel and he said he used to ask his colleagues for foreign coins as well. And till this day I'm still collecting and go to the bank every month for some coin tolls. I also started to do projects by the ANA I started the Dollar project and finished just yesterday I wrote about Susan B. Anthony designed a coin, did a maze on the website.. It was tons of fun and I'm planning to start the early copper cents. And right now I am posting blogs to try earning YN dollars. I didn't know that you could earnem' from posting. Then I found out that you need to create a blog that's about you that's long and informative to get YN dollars. My favorite coins are any wheat cents I can find , the reason I like Wheat Cents is because they are very easy to find. And so far I have 6 of them. I have a 1936 s , 1938 p, 1940 p , 1941 p , 1946 p , and 1952 D. I also love collecting centennial coin like the Lincoln cents and quarters. Right now I have the nickels pennies and quarters but I am missing the Biccentenial Half dollar and dollar. So I hope one day I can find one. And this is basically my coin collecting story. P.S. I love this supportive community.


The photo reminds me of when I started collecting back in 1969...I kept all my stuff in a box too. Trust me, it will grow!


Level 5

You are off to a great start! And I love this supportive community as well!


Level 6

Nice blog! I like your treasure chest! Cool box! Looks like your off to a good start with coin collecting! ; )


Level 5

Thanks for sharing, EN! We love hearing other collector's stories. I think it is safe to say that I am the resident "Cent Guy", so feel free to reach out for any questions about the US Cent, or anything else!


Level 4

On my reb book it says 29 million were minted Mike i think your talking about the 1931 s cent

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Well, you have it nicely organized in your new box. Just building it with your Dad will make it a treasure of a lifetime!


Level 6

Looks like you are well and truly hooked. Nice box. It's awesome your dad is involved. Good luck.

Mr. B Coins

Level 4

I love the box. It looks really sturdy. I am also jealous of the 36-S Cent. I've been searching lately, but I have not found a 36-S. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing your story.


Level 7

Good you great start. You have a 1936 S. They only made 866,000 of them . That's a key cent. We call them cents . England calls them pennies. Good blog and it's great you dad built a box for you!. Thanks for a good blog!! Enjoyed it


Level 5

You are off to a great start, always keep the box you and your Dad made, it will one day mean more to you than any coin, no matter how big or fancy your collection may get. You Dad sounds like an awesome guy, keep up the good work!


Level 5

Awesome box you have of coins. A treasure chest. Looks like you have quite a stash. Keep us updated on your exploits. The stories behind the coins are sometimes the best stories. I like hearing about how the coin was found. Thanks.

Long Beard

Level 5

You're off to a fine start, with the blog thing. If I may offer a few suggestions, the first would be some coin albums or boards in which you could house them. Not only are they easily accessible for viewing the coins won't get further damaged handling them as they are currently stored. The second piece of advice, if serious about the early copper cents (or any series for that matter), invest in a good series specific book. A quick Google search turns up plenty. And finally, the day will come when you out grow the box. Do not get rid of it as someday, that simple box will be more valuable than your most expensive coin.


Level 4



Level 5

Sounds like you have a nice start!

It's Mokie

Level 6

You're off to a fantastic start E/N, thanks for sharing your journey so far.

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