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15 Jun 2022

The Very Unique Somali Coins.

| Eriknation

Hi guys! It's Eric! I just had an awesome trip to Hawaii! It was so beautiful and nice. I visited so many places there in Hawaii. But anyway, today I have another blog for you guys! Its about the unique designs and shapes of Somalia Coins! Enjoy!

Today I was looking through a list of cool world coins and I found a list of coins from Somalia. They were in shapes of lamborghinis, to 3D Pyramids! The first unique Somalia coin is the 3D coins series that was only available in 2008. The shapes were minted as: pyramids, cubes, spheres, cylinders, and cones. It is worth 1 Dollar and has the words “Somali Republic” engraved onto the 3D shapes. It is made up of a usual copper-nickel alloy with a thin coating of silver. After the coins hit the market they were an instant success, many collectors rushed to buy the very unique coins. In fact, they were so popular in 2008 they were reproduced in 2014! Also these were never in circulation because they were just too heavy, sharp and many other problems stopped the coin from getting into circulation. But still imagine 3D coins in circulation that would be pretty neat.

The next very cool and unique Somalia coin design are the Animal shaped coins. They were Silver Dollar coins made in 2008 the same year the 3D coins were minted. The set of silver dollars consisted of several animals. They were the Great Animals of North America which are the moose, polar bear, bison, cougar, and grizzly bear. They were devoted to wildlife. On the front side of the coin it has the animal which is in color, and has the date/denomination. I also don’t believe these animal coins were ever in circulation. But you can still buy them from online stores.

The last and final coin I will be talking about in this blog is the Somalian Sports Car coin! Yes! An actual sports car is on the coin! Plus it's in a Sports Car shape too! The coin was made only in 2010 and was dedicated to sports cars. The coin has many styles, on the coin you can find a Green Mustang, red Ferrari, Yellow Porsche, black Corvette, orange/blue lamborghini and a gray Aston-Martin DB-5 (Fun Fact: The Aston Martin DB-5 is the one used in James Bond movies!) This coin is also made of Copper Nickel with silver plating!

Alright this is the end of the blog. I really hope you guys enjoyed and learned about some new coin designs. Thank you guys for the support! See you in my next blog!



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Level 6

Interesting , nice blog . Welcome back


Level 5

Those animal shaped ones are some of the animals I'm seeing on my trip right now. Good blog!


Level 4

WHOA! SO COOL! WHAT A GREAT VACATION:)!! I went to Hawaii several years ago-best vacation ever!


Level 6

Fun blog! These are pretty crazy! Glad you had a fun trip! ; )


Level 6

Definitely unique coin designs. Not for me but knock yourself out. Welcome home.


Level 4

Very interesting. I've never seen 3D coins before. I know that Niue and Barbados make coins in the shapes of movie characters qnd other stuff. Thanks for the blog!


Level 7

I'm glad you had a great trip. Many mints make coins of different things. I just saw a fender guitar . It was made by a foreign mint. People buy them and like them. Thanks and welcome back!

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