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24 May 2021

YN auction update!

| Eriknation

Hi, guys May’s YN auction had very nice coins. There was a 1930 s BU cent, 1866 G4 Belgium 50 centimes, and a PF 69 2002 dollar. Surprisingly, I won on lot 2 the 1866 50 centimes with 200 YN dollars. I’m pretty sure DaNumismaster won the other two lots cause he bid like more than 300 on both lots. I’m planning on surprising my dad with the foreign coin because he’s a big foreign coin collector.Congrats, to all the auction winners.I’m very excited for next months auction:).Now here is a fact about me and a informative fact: Fact about me: I play the violin and I love gardening and making flip books.Informative fact: In Hong Kong they made a commemorative coin that can make sounds.Also big news! I received a silver eagle from the dollar project :). Excited for the U.S mint set.Have a great day!Eriknation



Level 4

Really nice auction items. Congrats on the dollar project.


Level 6

Good job! Thanks for sharing your wins. Your Dad will love the foreign coin! ; )


Level 6

Good for you and taking care of Dad with Father's Day imminent makes it even cooler. Congrats!!!


Level 6

Nicely done Erik. You have to work for those YN things. Good luck on the next auction.


Level 5

Your dad will be happy about the coin. That is great you won and will give the coin to dad. Have our garden all started here in Pennsylvania. Just the usual veggies of cucumbers, squash, peppers, tomatoes. Thanks for the update on the YN auction. Always enjoy hearing about what was up for auction, and who won. thanks


Level 5

Let me guess, the silver eagle was a 2000


Level 4

Nope it was a 2008

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