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03 Nov 2018

Items From The Vault #3

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Today’s Item from the vault is a 1904 MS-63 Double Eagle. It is one of the most prized pieces in my collection. It was a birthday gift that I gave myself a few years ago and to this day is still one of my biggest gold pieces. I hope to add a Saint Gaudens Double Eagle to my collection sometime in the future.

05 May 2018

Ship of Gold (SS Central America Shipwreck Treasure Exhibit)

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Today I went to the NRA national convention for the last chance to see the current discoveries from the SS Central America shipwreck before they are broken up and sold. I was able to meet and shake hands with bob Evans the chief scientist on the original voyage that discovered the shipwreck and is now conserving the finds. I was also able to buy a pinch of gold which was the equivalent of 50¢ in the gold rush days and would have bought you a drink at a saloon. It was a great exhibit and I am glad I was able to catch it before it was broken up.

23 Mar 2018

$2.50 Gold Indian set

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I have just recently decided to start a set of $2.50 Gold Indians. It is a short run of 15 coins with only one expensive key date. I think it will be a fun and rewarding short term goal set. Well short term if you define it as a couple of years but definitely a lot less time than it will take to finish my Morgan Dollar set. I have posted pictures of my first coin for the set below.

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