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23 Sep 2018

Items From The Vault #1

Coins - World | FortWorthCollector

This weeks item is a Tuvalu 2018 Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny 50¢ piece in an NGC holder. This is part of a 5 coin series that includes Daffy Duck , Tweety Bird, Sylvester, and the Tasmanian Devil. Each coin in the series will be 50¢ face value, have 1/2 an oz of silver, and are proof condition. They also all come in a beautifully illustrated box with a numbered certificate of authenticity. I would suggest this series for anyone who grow up watching the looney tunes.

07 Jul 2018

Texas Numismatic Association Additions to My Panda Collection

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At the resent Texas Numismatic Association coin show in Arlington, Texas I was able to add two more Pandas to my collection for a reasonable price. One is from the 2012 World’s Fair of Money in Philadelphia and the other is a 2015 Bao Bao from the Smithsonian Institution. I was able to buy both at bid sheet. See the pictures below or visit my profile page to check out the whole collection.

29 Apr 2018

Panda Collection added to my Profile

Coins-World | FortWorthCollector

Within the last couple of weeks I have been busy reshooting my photos of my Panda Collection. I am happy to say that all the photos are now retaken and they turned out nicely for amateur shots. Come by my profile and take a look at this latest collection I have added for your viewing pleasure.

23 Mar 2018

New Additions to My Morgan Dollar Set

National Money Show | FortWorthCollector

This year the National Money Show was held at the Irving convention center in Irving, Texas. Since the National Money Show was being held in my neck of the woods I decided to take friday off and see how much trouble I could get into. I was able to add an 1878 7/8TF Weak VAM-41A, 1884, and 1890 to my collection. See the pictures below or visit my updated set on my profile.

23 Mar 2018

My National Money Show Trades

National Money Show | FortWorthCollector

As some of you may know I already had an 1882-S in an Ancas holder. I decided to clear all of my Ancas holders out except for the low end coins and Mint errors. I did this because I have seen how hard they are to try and get rid of in the future. Most dealers will sell you an Ancas holdered coin but won’t buy it back no matter how nice the coin is. So I had an opportunity at the National Money Show to trade My 1882-S in so I did and the pictures below show my new 1882-S in a PCGS holder. I think it is just as good a coin or even better than the old one.

02 Dec 2017

The Queen’s Beasts Collection

Coins - World | FortWorthCollector

I just added a new collection for everyone to check out on my profile. The Queen’s Beasts series is already 4 coins in to a 10 coin set. I have added the first three to my collection and I am waiting on the fourth.

15 Jul 2017

Morgan Dollars and My Definintion of a complete Date & Mint Set

Coins | FortWorthCollector

I was recently looking up what most people claim is a complete date & mint set of Morgan Dollars and exactly how many coins that was total. The answer of 97 puzzled me because even if I included the 1878 7 Tail Feathers & 1878 8 Tail Feathers that would only add up to 96 coins total. Which is one short of the 97 coins total everyone is talking about. My only guess is that they are also counting the 1895 proof only issue which would put most of the coin collecting community out of reach of a complete set. My interpretation is that a compete Morgan Dollar date & mint set is 95 coins total. One coin from each year & mint excluding 1895 Proof only and one of the 1878 Tail Feathers. Which I know the two Tail Feather varieties are very important issues for the series but lets be honest no one would knock you for only having one or the other if you had the rest of the set. In closing this just goes to show that you should not collect how other people tell you too but how you want too. I am building a Morgan Dollar set of 121 coins consisting of only one proof, each date & mint mark, and major varieties. If you get a chance go to my collections and check out my progress so far on my Morgan Dollar set.

14 May 2017

The Queen's Beasts Series (Part One) Updated

Coins-World | FortWorthCollector

The Queen's Beasts Series started last year with the Lion of England and is now in full swing with two issues per year with the exception of two years and will run until 2021. The first and last year of issue will only have one coin each. This ten coin series will depict the heraldic Queens's Beasts statues present at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and represent the royal line of ancestry. Each coin will have many different variations of precious metal and precious metal weight. The Silver released issues will come in 2oz & 10oz bullion mint state versions. The Gold released issues will come in 1/4oz & 1oz bullion mint state versions and the Platinum released issue will come in a 1oz bullion mint state version. It is helpful to mention that there is a silver proof version of the Lion of England in 1oz, 5oz, and10oz but this version's design varies slightly and is double the price of it's bullion counterpart. In my opinion the 2oz silver bullion mint state version is the most affordable and will be the one I will focus on for this and future posts about this series. You can currently pick up one of the three already released issues for around $60 in Gem UNC or $70 in MS-69 which is a bargain in my book when a 1oz Panda can cost as much as $50 in the same grade. The list below shows the three coins currently released and the future coins to be released in no particular order. A special thanks goes out to JM Bullion for their extensive background information on this series. Please visit there site if you would like more information about the series or individual coin designs.The Lion of England 2016The Griffin of Edward III 2017The Red Dragon of Wales 2017The Falcon of the PlantagenetsThe Black Bull of ClarenceThe Yale of BeaufortThe White Lion of MortimerThe White Greyhound of RichmondThe Unicorn of ScotlandThe White Horse of Hanover

30 Apr 2017

The Queen's Beasts Series (Part One) Outdated

Coins-World | FortWorthCollector

The Queen's Beasts Series started last year and is now in full swing with two issues every year. The series is to commemorate the 10 heraldic Queen's Beasts statues present at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and represent the royal line of ancestry. The coins come in many different versions but for the purpose of this post we will only be talking about the two oz silver bullion version as in my opinion it is the most affordable version to buy. The coins as said before comes in 2oz silver bullion versions meaning you will only find gem unc or MS coins slabbed no proofs. You can pick up one of the three already released issues for around $60 in gem unc or $70 in MS-69 which is a bargain in my book when a 1oz Panda can cost as much as $50 in the same grade. The list below shows the three coins currently released.2016 lion2017 Griffin was supposed to come out dated 20162017 Dragon2017 White Greyhound is supposed to come out later this year


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