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08 Sep 2015

What’s Really, Really Old is New Again?

Ancient Coins | Greco Roman

Electronic devices extending off of the use of the internet has changed people's lives and how we communicate electronically with each other. Blogs, interest groups (Facebook, Twitter and Flicker), instant messaging and texting have grown in popularity. With English language being the neutral language used in these media types we are finding many new expressions and abbreviations appearing based on the English language. All of these new words and abbreviations have formed a new language- "texting language" (TL). This new language contains several different components such as expression, text and abbreviations.

Texting messages is a tool used to communicate quickly to a single person or large groups in a quick and decisive manner. Those receiving the message are able to take the abbreviated message and translate back into the full form with implied tone and emotion.

Many would say that this "Texting Language" (TL) is a new language born out of the Internet and all the mobile devices that use the Internet as communication device. I would argue that TL has been around, not for decades or centuries but for millenniums.

You first encounter TL on coins from the Greeks and Romans. Coins have abbreviations that fully describe one's title and honors. Images represent locations, events and other facts (or fiction) about a person. These kids think they invent everything! ;-)


Longhand: The Emperor Nerva Traiano, Augustus, Germanicus, Dacius, Pontifex Maximus

What it really translates as: "The Emperor Caesar, adopted of Nerva, Traiano, Augustus, Conqueror of the Germans and Dacians, the Highest priest of the Roman religion."


Longhand: Tribunicia Potestate, Optimo Princ, 8th year, Consul 6th time, Pater Patriae, Issued by the Senate Consuls.

What it really translates as: "The representative of the people in the government, the greatest ruler, in his 8th year and 6th time serving as Chief Magistrate of the Roman government, father of his country and issued by the authority of the Senate Consul."

Amazingall that packed onto a tiny "screen" that is passed around a region. I'd say that the Romans have us beat when it comes to Texting information. These kids don't have anything on the Romans.

Note: Roman coinage is NOT my main collecting stream. So, if I have some of the message incorrect be kind and leave a comment. I'll update as needed.



Level 6

Thanks for the great blog! Really interesting! I agree, gotta hand it to the Romans...they thought of everything! haha : )

Greco Roman

Level 3

Ancient coins are very interesting and have the "Oh, wow!" factor when you show others coins this old. For us in the ancient world we aren't focused on MS 60+ states and protecting the coins from wear. We actually hold, pass around and pull out a loop to look at details. Like I mentioned holding onto a miniature piece of art that is 2,400+ years old (Greek) or even 1,700 (Roman) years old is quite a trip.


Level 5

Thanks for the TL (TransLation) :) I wish I had more time to study Roman coins!!!!


Level 5

Thank you for the great article. I agree about the TL :)

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