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27 Aug 2014

2014 Kennedy 50th Anniversary Mint Special Issue P & D

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Have any of you received your 2014 Kennedy 50th Anniversary Mint Special Issue from the Mint?

I just got my order of 5 sets (limited per household) and was quite pleased with the strike and overall packaging design.

We can only speculate if the market will command a premium for these sets in time.

I'm going to hold on to two sets, and plan on listing the other three online :)



Level 5

Beautiful set, appealing to any Kennedy fan.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

they look amazing

Mike Burns

Level 6

I bought two of those sets. One I sent in to get graded the other I put away. Two years later I was watching Rick Tomska and he's holding up eight pages of prices. These two coins. The SP 69 were selling and still selling sorry two thousand a piece. He bought every SP 67 he could find. It seems there was a problem with the planchets and didn't grade high. The first one made were fine. So I was very lucky. They start at 1700. Like I said for one coin not the set. I would send one in. Mike. Hey you never know.


Level 5

So what happened with the other three sets?


Level 4

Great coin I got the 1964 ones so hope to get these.


Level 4

I don't have any and probably won't because they are probably too expensive lol!


Level 5

I have mine. I ordered one just for my personal collection. It looks nice. I too am anxious to get the anniversary silver set!

They are quite nice. I'm also waiting in anticipation for the silver issue, and the enhanced finish striking.


Level 5

I haven't ordered any yet. They look great!