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23 Feb 2017

2017 Grove Minting 1977 Frank Gasparro Liberty Dollar pattern commemorative

| Grove Minting Company

Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the 1977 Liberty Dollar.

The Grove Minting Company commemorates the 40th anniversary of 1977 to United States Mint Engraver, Frank Gasparro's Pattern Liberty Dollar. This Flowing Hair Liberty Head Obverse / Eagle in Flight Reverse features an obverse Liberty Head and Liberty Cap on Pole, with a reverse Flying Eagle featuring 13 Stars and 10 Rays.

Original imagery of pattern rendering provided by the Smithsonian

This commemorative is based upon Frank Gasparro's original 1977 Liberty Dollar design, in exacting detail to the proposed obverse including the 11 sided rim perimeter.

The reverse features a flying eagle with outstretched wings, looking skyward, with 13 stars, 10 rays, and the Grove Minting Coat of Arms.

The production of the Liberty Dollar Commemorative is limited to a striking of 750 pieces.

Specifications: ProofStrike, Nickel, 25mm Wide, Plain Edge.



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Sorry I am un-following you due to no recent activity. Good luck!


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Sounds beautiful! I'll have to check out your web-site.


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Thank you for the info.


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Sounds great. When can you post photos?

Conan Barbarian

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i will take a look at it


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Haven't seen it but now that you took the time to tell us about I plan to see it. Sounds real nice. Thanks again for telling us about this.


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That was an attractive design. I'm glad it will be minted, even just as a souvenir piece. This is so much prettier than the SBA design.

Thank you for your kind words!

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