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25 Aug 2014

After the Kennedy sales - World's Fair of Money - Rosemont 2014

World's Fair of Money | Grove Minting Company

We wanted to know if any of you who attended the World's Fair of Money in Rosemont found the sale of the gold Kennedy Half Dollar to be a distraction from the main show, or a welcome addition bringing publicity to the hobby?


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i didn't attend :-(

Mike Burns

Level 6

Of course it was. It disturbed everything. Bus loades of people sent in by companies. Crazy prices and for what. A piece of gold. Some companies didn't sell them till the prices settled down. It was a shame I heard.


Level 5

It sounds like a real farce! Great stunt by the mint and the show.


Level 4

I am a young collector and much of the stuff I collect is based on design and history. I collect to keep not to resell unless in have more than one of a piece.

I arrived to the ANA show on the Thursday they stopped sales of the Kennedy. I would have liked to see the commotion first hand, but was also pleased that "we" got our show back and were able to conduct business as the show usually goes without the intense crowds. I was unable to get a Kennedy myself, but did get to see a few up close at the Heritage Auctions table.


Level 4

By the way, Grove, I am not quite familiar with your firm's history, but I try to wholeheartedly support private mints. They and the niche they serve enrich the complex fabric of this field immeasurably.


Level 4

I believe strongly that it was fully both at the same time. It was clearly a distraction for most already in the field, while at the same time it was a source of buzz for publicity. This seeming contradiction is not at all unusual. Nearly any entity that involves people constantly struggles with the dichotomy of the needs of the old core, and the desires of the "noobs". If we ever get to the point where that is not a source of at least some interest and amusement, then it truly is time to move on.

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