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22 Sep 2014

Coin World (what did you buy?)

| Grove Minting Company

Coin World has been asking members, "What did you buy this week, and why?" in a forum regarding purchases by the numismatic community. Today I made honorable mention:


I invite you to comment on your recent purchases, sales, or trades!


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

not much occurred with purchases recently


Level 7

I buy tokens from the civil war and conder tokens and just about everything else! I just love collecting great coins old and new.


Level 5

10 2017 SAE's


Level 5

my most recent purchase is a 1oz 2016 silver kangaroo


Level 4

Most recent was a 200 dong from Vietnam, 50 pesos from Peru, and 5 pence military issue. Reason is were good condition and I want a piece from every country atleast North America. Also I like designs and history behind them.

Great purchases cmccs*coins and Kelpi!


Level 5

My most recent purchase is a lot of 8 acid treated shield nickels. They are not worth much, but they are more for my collection. I am also planning on buying a half cent soon!


Level 6

My most recent purchase is A 2014 Canada S$10 Bison Early Release PF69 Matte. I like to collect anything with a Bison theme ( if possible ) haha Still saving for that Bison Note : )

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