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25 Aug 2014

What's your favorite token/medal?

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The folks at Grove Minting Company are looking for new ideas in striking a custom commemorative medal, and we wanted to know which tokens or medals you find the most interesting?

Please feel free to reply and share an idea or photo!

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Level 4

I have a Arizona tax token and I love it just to think of the stories it could tell.


Level 4

When dealing with coin clubs, packaging counts for a lot. Nothing kills buzz like forlorn looking medal discs sleeping between sheets of foam sheeting. Little touches count for so much.


Level 4

The centennial of the switchover from Barber coinage to their TR-inspired replacements ("Mercury", Standing Lib., Walking Lib.) is nearly upon us. I believe a set of reprises of those designs, staying away from mirrored proof finishes since that era also marked the temporary demise of those finishes, would make a highly desirable set of fractional ounce medals in .999 silver. The brilliant Merc could be a 1/10 Troy ounce, the Standing Liberty could be a 1/4 ounce, and the Walker could be a 1/2 ounce. The hobby is overflowing with 1 ounce medals, and most fractional silver pieces have uninspired and uninspiring execution of their designs. A god effort at capturing the "feel" of the originals would result, I believe, in a compelling niche product that could be a major hit. Also, since the coin hobby's popularity hit a zenith in the 1960's, many local coin clubs are near their golden anniversaries. A marketing effort aimed at coin clubs who may want to strike commemorative medals might bear fruit. I know one of mine wants to make a big splash in 2020 and they are assembling a committee to evaluate vendor options now


Level 5

One of my favorites is the 1969 ANA convention medal, which looks similar to Frank Gasparro's original small dollar design.