Haney's Blog

29 Jun 2015

User names

Summer Seminar | Haney

Does anyone know how to change your user name? Better yet your image?

On a side note hopefully everyone is enjoying the summer seminar!



Level 6

Jake's answer is the best. or just do a search on this site. When all else fails phone them up! Good Luck!


Level 5

The system needs an FAQ for these types of requests.


Level 4

Hey, thanks for the response. I guess I will have to wait on the image until tomorrow as uploads are only allows on desktop.


Level 6

It's always fun to change your user name and image!

Jake Sherlock

Level 4

Here are step-by-step instructions: https://www.money.org/collector/anastaff/blog/how-to-update-your-profile-picture


Level 5

It is under "My Privacy Settings"

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