Hopeful Stacker's Blog



Level 5

Agree with Longstrider, It would be nice to see some photos posted here.


Level 6

Nice. How about some photos here of what you found. Not all members go to You Tube. Just a suggestion. Good luck.


Level 7

The first W quarter will be released next month. So my friend you have time for that. I do not think the fed is making to many deliveries to the bamks..


Level 6

i had been doing some monthly roll hunting, just 3 rolls each month, to get extra machine money for my Daughter, never found anything too exciting but really miss it now while CoronaChan is holding forth. Soon, Soon, this will all be just a bad memory and we will have our coin shows, and coin clubs, and quarter rolls, and compadres again.


Level 5

Awesome. I enjoy roll searches and seeing what is found in rolls. I need to get some rolls of something soon. Exciting to just search rolls. Finding a clipped coin, or anything unusual is fun. Always the chance you will find something fantastic !

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