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31 Mar 2020

New to the community

| Hopeful Stacker

Hello I’m new to the coin world and silver stacking communities. My goal is to become certified through the online program and be able to turn my new hobbie Into an education I can share and enjoy. I also YouTube under the name Hopeful stacker if anyone wants to check it out and see what I’m into. I’m very excited to try to submit my first few coins for grading from my recent searches.



Level 5

Welcome and it is good to hear the passion in your writing.

Long Beard

Level 5

Welcome to the ANA. Ask away as I'm certain you'll find an answer. As for myself, I try sticking with one series at a time. While I will buy something that strikes my interest from time to time, my collection seems to have grown much faster and more consistent in eye appeal using this approach. As I begin I buy a good, series specific book and conduct further research through forum questions and the like. Enjoyed reading your blog.

welcome to the wonderful ANA community; here you will find informative, experienced hobbyists, new and rising members, and everything in between. As Mike wisely says, keep learning, always, or try stamps! Also, I would recomend the ANA Summer Seminar as a great educational program (I have yet to attend one, regrettably, but I have never heard but good word of it)


Level 6

Welcome. There is so many areas in the hobby to study and have fun.


Level 6

Welcome to your new home for learning. I enjoyed your one video I watched, so far.

Hopeful Stacker

Level 2

Thank you for checking it out it greatly appreciated.


Level 5

You have just embarked on a journey that you will find both challenging and satisfying. You are on a journey that will last the rest of your life. Easy as she goes you're not in a hurry but you can read practically anytime you want for little or no money. They say buy the book before the coin and that's pretty good advice. Unlike TP there is no shortage of good coin books. Oh, there I go again like the merry bunch we are making a funny, welcome to the family!


Level 4

Welcome, I checked out your youtube channel! You sound excited about this new hobby, and you should be! there is always so much to learn and explore! I am also huge roll hunter so I am excited to read your blogs!

It's Mokie

Level 6

11344, Welcome to the coin, token, medal, and currency world. We are a merry band with lots of interesting topics and lots of trivial coin knowledge.


Level 7

There is no test or books or classes that will make you certified. No is a a professional Numisistasit. They have cards made up. They think they know.everything but no one knows everything . Its constant learning. Most collectors go to schools and help them get started. Most do it as a curtesy.So welcome to the best hobby in the world.!!!

Hopeful Stacker

Level 2

Thank you for the response I know I won’t learn everything but I hope to gain a vast amount of knowledge. Any tips are must appreciated

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