Ian Fenn's Blog

17 Mar 2016

Sold out before the day of Issue: Austria €25.00 bimetal coin

| Ian Fenn

I gave up collecting NCLT (Non Circulating Legal Tender) a number of years ago. There was one series I just couldn't give up on though. The Austrian €25.00 bi-metalic coin. It has a center pill of niobium and a silver ring. The Nobium centre is anodized to produce different colors( the coins are not "painted the colors you see in the center are the metal its self. The series started in 2003 and was planned to last only 9 years. This years coin makes it 14 and counting. This year like last year they were able to anodize the cetre of the coin so that it is bicolored. As usual even though the mintage is 65000 it sold out with pre-orders. On issue day if you had not ordered one and wanted one you would find you need to pay €40.00 more than the €69.00 issue price to a dealer. The Theme of the coin this year is Zeit (Time)

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