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19 Oct 2017

The Best Ways to Organize Your Collection

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Many collectors want to showcase and organize their coin collection in a nice, organized way that they understand. Many turn to Excel spreadsheets or other alternatives, while others turn to the special software designed specifically for coin collectors. However, there are many free and great ways to organize your coin collection. I have used all the formats below and these are my honest reviews of each, helping you to decide which one is best for you.

Here on the ANA
While you do have to pay a fee to join the ANA, the collection feature is included, along with many other great features. You can create a new collection and add your coins to those collections. You can have more broad collections, such as US Coins, World Coins, Silver Coins, etc, or you can have more specific collections, such as Indian Head Cents, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Presidential Dollars, etc. You can organize them in whatever way is best for you, with as little or as many coins as you'd like in each collection. While you can keep your collections private, you can also publish your collection for all ANA members to view if you'd like. You can include the grades, mint, year, variety, serial number for your graded coin, and just extra notes you'd like to keep about each coin, which makes it a really great option for organizing your collection.

Pros: Free with Membership, Customizable, Easy To Use, Private and Public Options, Can be Used to Organize Coins and Currency, Coin and Currency Specific
Cons: Costs Money For ANA Membership

I'm using both Snupps and ANA to organize my collection. A great feature about Snupps is its app for iOS and Android devices. Snupps is a place to showcase your collection of anything. It was set up to show off your stuff to other members of Snupps. Snupps is completely free to use. While not as specific to coins as other options, it is simple to change the fields to suit your needs. Many collectors are using the program, so there are several who have already set up their collection organization on Snupps.

Pros: Free, Customizable, Socialize With Other Collectors, "Wow" and Comment to Others Collections
Cons: Not As Easy To Use As Others, Not Coin Specific

Microsoft Excel/Google Sheets
Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are very common for use by coin collectors for organizing their coin collection. Google Sheets, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, and Excel Online are all free, while Microsoft Excel for download is paid with Microsoft Office. They are great for people who want to have the exact order and the exact fields they want. It is also helpful if you want to add up the values of your collection(s). The tables are also printable, so collectors can print the tables out and put it in a binder, folder, etc. 

Pros: Free Options, Customizable, Printable
Cons: Can Be Difficult To Make How You Want It, Not Coin Specific, No Images or Custom Pages

US Coin Plus
This is an app available for phones and other devices that isn't specifically great. And it's paid. It's set up as a coin organizing program, but it makes it very difficult to do anything other than US coins and the way the app is organized, it takes a lot of time to put in just a single coin. In addition to that, fields are not very editable and it's not simple to change it to suit your needs. If you have a lot of coins, this app is very time-consuming. However, it is good if you want a convenient, organized way to organize your collection, you don't have too many coins, and you don't want to have to deal with changing fields and making it how you want it. You just want it to work when you open it up. It also does include, however, reports about your coins, which is a very nice feature of this app.

Pros: Reports, Coin Specific
Cons: Paid, US Coins Only, Time-Consuming, Lack of Customization Options

While there are several other platforms out there you can use, these are the ones I have used. When I started collecting, I used Numbers, Apple's Excel Alternative, then I found US Coin Plus. I decided that since I could add pictures, that would be a better option. I ended up quickly going back to Numbers. Then, I started using Microsoft Excel. I used that until a learned about Snupps. When I joined the ANA, I started inputting my collection into here as well. I am still working to input my coins into Snupps and the ANA, but I have found those two options to be the best.



Level 7

I do it the old fashioned way. Paper and pen. Everything recorded certification numbers coins sets box numbers from the third party graders I know we're every coin is at all times. That works for me but many go the modern way. Nothing wrong with that thanks for the information it is appreciated thanks for all the work Mike.


Level 4

Cool! People can do it whatever way they like best. I go the more modern way, so I can see my collection from anywhere in the world (as long as there is internet).

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