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01 May 2015

March of Dimes 2015 Silver Dollar

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The 2015 March of Dimes Silver Dollar is a good way to help honor a program one of the greatest presidents worked so hard to support. The reverse shows the current mission of the March of Dimes of the prevention of birth defects, working for every generation with new research and discoveries to help babies be born healthy and grow up strong. Perhaps one of its only flaws is that when looking at the obverse, most people who view it would not recognize Jonas Salk. While perhaps a few who view it might not recognize FDR, Jonas Salk is not that well known of a name, even less so for his face. The Mint could have done a better job at explicitly describing the people on the coin, or in some other way honor the essential curer of polio. This is just my opinion; I don't believe every numismatist would recognize the coin or its importance just by looking at the obverse.



Level 5

I purchased the 3 coin set and two BU silver dollars.


Level 5

3 coin set sold out i wanted to get, but didn't have time, :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(::::((((((:::(:


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On a wall in my house I have taped up a bunch of pictures of people who I admire, I call it my wall of fame. Jonas Salk has been up there, along with FDR, for quite some time now. While I like the design of the coin, I almost wish that the mint had kept FDR's profile a little lower. But then again, user_9073 has a point. He preferred to be in the background of everything, and with all of the crazy "Polio vaccines cause autism" things going around right now, I can see where that was wise.


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If you put that way, I may not be getting one. Not all feel the same as you about FDR.

Ian Fenn

Level 5

I suppose I am proof of your point...I had never heard of Jonas Salk

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