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30 Aug 2022

Long time no see

| JudeA

Wow it its been a minute since I've been on here. How is everyone? Maybe I'll start posting frequently again =O

21 Aug 2020

1933 double eagle

Coins | JudeA

I thought I would do a blog on one of the most infamous coins, the 1933 double eagle. I’m sure most of you have heard of this coin, how it is illegal to own, save 3 examples. I will be going over the history of the coin, enjoy!

18 Aug 2020

Coins in your Pocket - Errors and Varieties 4

Coins | JudeA

Another coins in your pocket blog! It seemed like you guys enjoy me making these, so I will continue! I am going to a coin show tomorrow (I'm writing this on the 13th, so I might've already went before I publish this blog, so look for a blog on that!)

10 Aug 2020

Book Review - Illegal Tender, by David Tripp

Coins | JudeA

Illegal Tender was written by David Tripp, and is one of the best coin books I've read. It might not be considered a coin book, more of a mystery the way it was written. The book is all about the story of the 1933 double eagle. If you plan on reading this, and don't want to story spoiled, then don't read any further!The story starts when President Roosevelt asks Augustus St. Guandens to design the new double eagle, to modern day. (2004 was when the book was written) With the gold recall, everyone was required to bring their gold to the government, with the exclusion of collectible coins. The mint was ordered to stop production, and melted the '33s they had already produced. However, some got out of the mint, smuggled or stolen by someone! The secret service gets on the trail of the coins in 1944, and seizes many of the coins. One, however, is out of their reach. It is in King Farouk's collection in Egypt. The coin eventually goes up for sale when the king dies, but it is withdrawn from the sale at the last minute. The coins whereabouts are unknown until it surfaces in England. The coin is then purchased and the dealer arranges to sell the coin to a collector in the US. The coin is then seized by the secret service, and the owner and the government battle in court for years. The coin is finally made legal, and sells for $7.6 million in 2002! There have been many sightings of different examples since, but none have been confirmed. One was reported to be, "Thrown into the ocean to avoid it being seized!" I really enjoyed this book, and I highly recommend that you try and read it yourself!

09 Aug 2020

New Items

Coins | JudeA

I recently got my YN auction item in the mail! I think I bided $YN 170 on it. It is a sample slab from the YN program of June 2019. I think they were given out as prizes for YN's who completed the Treasure Trivia challenge. The coin in the slab is a American Memorial Park quarter dated 2019. It doesn't have a grade, but its definitely uncirculated. I also recieved my literary plaque from CONECA a few days ago. I got it for writing an article for their magazine!

03 Aug 2020

Coins in your Pocket - Errors and Varieties 3

Coins | JudeA

This coins in your pocket blog will be about more errors and varieties that I look for. Let me know if you are enjoying this series, because I enjoy writing them! Pre YN Auction frenzy is settling in, and I'm trying to get as many YN dollars as possible before the auction! I will still try to keep the blogs enjoyable though, not cranking out low quality work (I hope you think my work isn't low quality!) Anyways, lets start!

03 Aug 2020

Book review - Coin Clinic, by Alan Herbert

Coins | JudeA

Coin Clinic was written by Alan Herbert. It basically is filled with 1001 questions that people mailed to him, and he made a book out of them. The book has 56 chapters all containing different types of questions! The chapters are things like what different abbreviations mean, or famous hoards of coins, or illegal to own coins. I actually learned so much from this book. I only knew about ¼ of the abbreviations in the abbreviations section, and some of the chapters contained stuff I had never heard of before. One section was entirely devoted to the Blake and Co. $20 Copies, which I had never heard of before, and what I gathered is that it’s another very valuable $20 gold piece, and that there are numerous copies of it that fool people regularly. It turns out one such piece was subject to a lawsuit between different members in a family, but the coin turned out to be a fake! Another thing I learned is that the speediest work by the government in passing the law for a new coin was the copper and nickel 3 cent coin, which was passed in just one day! This book has so many facts about coins, and contains literally hours of reading material. I definitely would recommend this book to anyone who has been collecting for a couple of years. It was a great read, and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

01 Aug 2020

Book review - Coin Collecting for Dummies

Coins | JudeA

Coin Collecting for Dummies was written by Neil Berman and Ron Guth. It is probably meant as a reference to newer collectors, but it has some useful tips that I still remember and follow. I first read this book about 2 years ago, when I first started collecting. I checked it out again for some new reading material. It has 26 chapters, each about things from Understanding Numismatics to Coin Investments, Taxes, and the Law. The book starts out basic, with advice such as never clean your coins! Buy the book before the coin! They cover stuff like how to store your collection, how to carefully handle coins. I think this was from this book, but I remember a book saying, “Make sure to cover your nose/mouth when you sneeze, because sneezing on a coin does as much damage as gouging it with a knife! I don’t know anyone who would want to gouge a coin with a knife, so heed the advice of covering your mouth around coins! The book covers coins from ancient coins to commemorative coins, and has a chapter about “Oddball coins” as they call them. They have a chapter about counterfeit coins as well, and that section was where I first learned about artificially toning coins. The book also has a story that I still remember. One of the author's friends showed him a well struck, full details buffalo nickel, and asked him if he thought it was a proof or a circulation strike coin. He flipped the coin over and it slipped from his fingers and fell around 5 feet onto the stone hotel floor. The coin was suddenly a proof in his friend's eyes, and he was shamed into buying the coin for a lot more than it was worth with the dent in it! Moral of the story? Always be careful with coins! Keep them under a soft surface so if you accidentally drop them, no harm will befall them! In all, I enjoyed this book, and it definitely has advice to offer all collectors!

28 Jul 2020

Coins in your Pocket - Cent Errors and Varieties 2

Coins | JudeA

This is part 2 of the errors and varieties on cents that I search for. I am also looking into buying a safe for my coins, so if any of you have suggestions or recommendations, feel free to share them with me!

22 Jul 2020

2 cent piece acquired!

Coins | JudeA

I went to my regular coin shop yesterday, and picked up a 2 cent piece. I wanted to get one because I've always liked coins that nobody really knows about, like 3 cent pieces, half cents, and 20 cent pieces. I got it for $10, there was a cheaper one, but it was in AG condition. I also got monument quarter books for my great grandma, she has a bag of quarters that she wanted me to sort, and she gave me some money to buy coin albums to put them in. Sorry I haven't been blogging much recently, I've kinda hit a collecting hiatus, but going to the shop helped a little bit!


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