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10 Dec 2019

CONECA crossword puzzle prizes!

| JudeA

So today I finally got the prizes from the CONECA crossword contest! I opened it up right away, and here is what I got. I got a certified by PCI, a broad struck 2001 Lincoln Cent. I also got a Partial Unplated Lincoln cent! I had a lot of fun on this crossword contest. And if you are not already a CONECA member, I suggest you become one soon. Have a nice day! -Jude



Level 7

Good for you. I'm not a member but anything I can learn from why not.


Level 4

nice! now i want to do the crossword knowing what i might get!


Level 5

Man, CONECA never gave me anything cool like that... ...until I started going to the annual Errorama banquets at our World's Fair of Money Shows - that's one of the highlights of every WFM show for this E/V coin collector. So much fun getting to meet and chat with other kindred spirits, and you have some chances to win prizes that may be worth even more than your membership dues or the price of the banquet ticket combined! Hope to see all of you at the next Errorama in August 2020 in Pittsburgh - you don't want to miss it, believe me!! -Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator.


Level 4

I actually heard about that, unfortunately, I don't think that I want to ask my parents to drive me all the way to Michigan! Maybe when I am older! For now, I am content with their contests and writing articles for them. I have one that I hope will be published. soon!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Wow, sounds like an excellent prize. I am also a CONECA member and am just starting to get into VAMS via our fellow blogger Longstrider. Good On You, J/A


Level 6

I'm a member and love it. Since they published two of my articles recently, I also have started adding to my error collections. You did well JudeA. Good job..

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