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28 Dec 2022

**Mexico Type Set**...Page 4

Coins-World | Kepi

Hi Fellow Numi's! Drum roll please... Here it is! The final page in Longstriders and mine "Mexico Type Set" Dansco Album! Here we have coins from 1951-1968. It includes $5 Pesos, $10 Pesos, a 1949 UNA ONZA, 1 Oz. pure silver and a $25 1968 Olympic Games. This last coin in the album was special because it came out of my Grandpas coin collection. These are all some big, heavy silver coins... Really cool to collect! I must say though we did start to get a bit confused in searching for these coins with all the different Presidents... They all began to look alike! haha It was like "Do we have this one already?" "Oh no, We bought the same coin?" "Who are all these dudes!" "Is this the same dude?"... Crazy! All joking aside I will say this was the BEST album in the world to collect! Thanks for the memories Longstrider! Now onto our next adventure! Maybe that old "Mexico Liberty Cap Peso" Album!Thanks for reading my blog. Comments are always welcomed!

21 Dec 2022

**Mexico Type Set** Page 3

Coins - World | Kepi

Hi Numi Friends! Here is Page 3 of the Mexico Type Set that Longstrider and I put together over the past two years! This has been a great album as we both like Mexican coinage. This page consists of coins from 1910-1953. Lots of silver going on here and these coins are getting a bit more pricier... We have One Peso's, Two Peso's and Five Peso's. My favorites are the 1913 "Caballito" or "Liberty on Horseback" and the 1921 "Winged Victory". I hope you enjoy these coins! Thanks for reading my blog and comments are always welcome!

17 Dec 2022

**Mexico Type Set**...Page 2

Coins - World | Kepi

Good afternoon everyone!Before I get wrapped up in the Holidays I wanted to put up page 2 of Longstrider's and mine "Mexico Type Set". This page encompasses the 1905-1964 coins.It includes 20 Centavos, 25 Centavos and 50 Centavos. These all show different designs and metal composites. Some of the copper coins are really amazing as far as brilliance goes. I also turned the reverse side of the page upside down for photos so you could see the designs easier.Again, this album was so fun to put together... Especially with my "better-half"... XOXOXO Page 3 will be posted soon! Thanks for reading my blog and comments are always welcomed. ; )

07 Dec 2022

**Mexico Type Set**...Page 1

Coins-World | Kepi

Hi Everyone!I can't believe its been so long since I've put up a blog... Whats up with that??? Someone should do a study on why we procrastinate... hahaThis blog is about an amazing Dansco Mexico Type set that Longstrider and I have been working on together for a couple years. We both love Mexican coinage and putting together this book just seemed perfect for us! Page 1 of the album includes 0ne Centavos, Two Centavos, Five Centavos through Ten Centavos, dated from 1905 through 1955. It was amazing looking for all the dates and designs, learning the types of metals used and how they tone...Some of these coins are so beautiful, especially with the copper. This book was such a joy to put together, I hope everyone enjoys this coin series as much as we did! Page 2 is coming soon! Thanks for reading my blog and comment are always welcome. ; )

10 Sep 2022

**Golden Ray on a Cloudy Day**

Coins - World | Kepi

Hey everybody! Hope your all having a great day and that all our YN's are having fun at the live auction! I'd like to share with you one of the first coins I bought for my collection way back in 2007. This was a huge leap as I was a newbie collector and we're talking gold.. But I dived in and bought my first gold coin! This is from the Royal Canadian Mint. A 2007 1oz. Canadian Gold Maple Leaf $200 Dollar Coin. It's also encased in a Assay holder which is kinda cool. This coin weighs 31.15 grams of .99999 of pure gold and has a diameter of 30 mm. The obverse shows Queen Elizabeth ll along with "200 Dollars" and "2007". The reverse is a multi-maple leaf design as well as the inscriptions "CANADA" along with weight, purity and metal. It also had a low mintage of 30,848. Its kinda rainy out here in the desert today. So I decided to look through my coin vault... Rainy day activities...Right... haha Which leads up to this coin. I hadn't looked at it for a long time and thought this is the perfect coin for a blog today! A bright ray of golden sunshine on a cloudy day... I hope you enjoy it too. Comments are always welcomed.

28 Aug 2022

**Bucking Bronco**

Coins-United States | Kepi

Hey fellow Numi's good morning to all, I am in the middle of celebrating an amazing Birthday week... yes, we here at the Desert Compound celebrate a full week of our birth! haha Cool right! I originally saw this 2021 medal when it came out in gold with an inflated price to go with it. I loved the design but couldn't justify $2,600+ for this raw coin. With that being said and to my great surprise the Mint came out with this same design in silver for 2022! Now some coin facts... This is a 2022 American Liberty Silver Proof Medal. Minted in Philadelphia with an mintage of 75,000. 1 troy oz. of silver and a diameter of 40.60 mm. All packed neat and tidy in original Mint boxes! The obverse shows a wild American Mustang bucking off a western style saddle, evoking the throwing off the yoke of British rule during the American Revolution. The rising sun is shown beneath the horse with "LIBERTY" and "2022". Now remember, I just loved this "Western Americana Wild" design...but honestly I would have never guessed the designs true representation without it being explained... I just thought "Cool"! haha Just my opinion... The reverse shows a close up of an amazing eagle! "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" beneath it. I hope you enjoyed my blog and have a wonderful day! Comments are always welcome.

12 Jul 2022

**2022 Germania Valkyries**

Coins - World | Kepi

Hi everyone! I just received this gift and was so excited with it that I wanted to share with you all. This is the first release of the new 2022 Valkyries series from the Germania Mint. This will be a collection of Germanic goddesses, beautiful virgin warriors and daughters of Odin, who will carry the bravest souls that fell in battle to Valhalla. The first in the series features "Hildegard", the protector of men. She holds a Germanic spear and a shield with an image of the Fenrir wolf. A wolf accompanies her as well. The reverse shows designs of the Germania Mint double-headed eagle, Germanic runes and a howling wolf symbolizing strength and independence. This beauty is 1 oz. of 999.9 silver with a diameter of 38.61 mm. Designed by Mateusz Frackowiak and has a mintage of 25,000 worldwide. For those collectors who are into Vikings, Pagans, and all the "Old Gods" you are going to love this series! I know I'll be waiting for the 2023 design to come out! Hope you enjoyed this beautiful coin! Comments are always welcome.

03 Jun 2022

** 2022 Una and the Lion**

Coins - World | Kepi

Hi Fellow Collectors! This is the latest design in an annual coin series that I collect. It's the 2022 "Una and the Lion", a 1oz. Silver Proof coin. It has a diameter of 38.6 mm and a mintage of 1,500... Mine is #123! The designer of this coin is Glyn Davies and is produced by the East India Company and the Government of St. Helena with Royal Approval of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll. I love this series as it reminds me of my big ol' Golden Retriever/ Great Dane, who has now been gone almost two years. Now, let me tell you the Medieval story of Una, a beautiful princess on a quest to save her parents from a dragon who has them imprisoned in a tower. She enters a dark forest where she encounters a fierce lion who is immediately captivated by her beauty and innocence and his rage is replaced by wonder. He, as my ol' boy did, become her faithful companion, forever by her side to protect her from harm. It's the powerful connection and mutual adoration of this ancient legend that has captured my heart. Many thanks thanks for reading my blog! Comments are always welcome.

31 May 2022

**Mini Roo**

Coins-World | Kepi

Hey everyone! Here's a 2021-P Australian Gold Kangaroo! Well, a "Mini Roo"! A little guy... 0.5 grams of .9999 gold with a diameter of 11.60 mm. This little coin is a GEM Proof and came encapsulated in an wallet-sized card with kangaroo graphics and Specification information. The obverse shows Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll wearing the Royal Diamond Diadem. The designer of this coin, Jody Clark has been a sculptor for the Royal Mint of Great Britain since 2012. The reverse shows the iconic kangaroo in a crouched position with inscriptions of the gold weight and the "P" Mint mark of the Perth Mint.This popular kangaroo design began to appear in 1989 and has been a hit with collectors every since! Many thanks for reading my blog! Comments are always welcome. ; )


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