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23 Sep 2018

**Love That Old Silver**

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           As we go about our day how many times do we receive change back from a purchase or even find a coin or two on the street or parking lot.  By the end of the day, hopefully you're a few pounds heavier with a purse or pocket full of change...  Either that or you had a nice big lunch!     haha     The other day going through a handful of assorted coins I received back from a pharmacy purchase I was lucky enough to find a 1954 D quarter!   Although it looks it's age with assorted nicks and spots...   It's Beautiful and it's great to know that old silver is still out there waiting to be found!     That's one more coin added to the 90%  coin silver tube!   Thanks for reading my blog.  Comments are welcomed.   ;  )


I have never found a silver coin. not even while looking in rolls. Great find, though.


Level 6

Good find! There is still some silver out there. I recently found a silver dime in my laundry rm.

Great find, I remember the first time I got a silver quarter, someone had left two in the return bin for a vending machine at my school, I started bouncing around, and then everyone looked at me weird, I had always thought that they were myths, as I had yet to collect yet, but this definitely sparked my interest.


Level 7

Good eyes ! I check everyday. Any change that comes into the house. I hope you find more. The hunt is on. Don't ever stop there out there. Thanks.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

The only silver coin I have ever found was a 1964-D silver dime in a coin star in Puerto Rico. You have a nice find, The silver quarters are the hardest to find silver coin.


Level 4

Cool find. I’m amazed whenever I run across a silver coin, or even a wheat cent. I think I’d have a panic attack if I received a Buffalo Nickel. Nice blog. Thanks.


Level 6

Finding a silver coin from the 50's makes a rewarding day. Plus, it makes a good blog story.


Level 6

Wow! That is a nice find. I've gone through bank boxes of quarters and nothing. I didn't think any silver quarters were still out there. You give me hope. Thanks!

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