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06 Mar 2021

**Small but MIghty**

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Hi everybody! I don't know where the time has gone but I realized its been a few months since there's been a blog by Kepi. Crazy! Kind of embarrassing really... Oh well... ; ) With that said I want to share with all of you my newest addition to my collection. "Small but Mighty" indeed it's a beautiful 2021 "Una and the Lion", 1/2 gram 0.9999 Gold Proof Coin. Diameter of 11mm. This limited edition has a limit of 1000 coins... mine is 5/1000! It was designed by Engraver Glyn Davies. The coin is a more stylized representation of Una and the Lion standing side by side, with the lion in an aggressive stance his teeth bared and his terrific full mane flowing. By his side, an exquisite Una gazes down at him with her robes flowing out behind her capturing both her beauty and strength. The obverse depicts Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll. I love the story behind Una and the Lion...Una is a beautiful Princess who, on a quest to save her Mother and Father from a cruel dragon is searching for Redcrosse, a noble knight whose destiny is to become St. George, the patron saint of England.During her journey she faces many challenges that test her humility and determination, including when she is confronted by a fierce lion. Amazed by the sight of her beauty, his rage turns to pity. As Una continues on her quest, the lion becomes her strong guard and faithful companion, keeping her from harms way. Today, Una and the Lion have become an iconic symbol of beauty, strength and endurance. I hope you enjoyed this beautiful fairy-tale like story and golden coin! ; )

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