1901 $10 Legal Tender "Bison Note"

11 Mar 2018

PCGS Good 4 Fr. 122



Level 5

Nice note. I dont have any graded notes, but need to find one I like.


Level 3



Level 5

Wow, very nice!


Level 5

That is a awesome bill!


Level 4

That is an intresting design! I have never seen it before.

Doug S.

Level 4

Nice!! Not a paper collector as such but this thing is cool!!

Teacher Brian

Level 3

That design is full of character, and the reverse, too! Over 100 years old, very cool note to collect. :-)

I love this great buffalo design.


Level 7

That was a great design . You can't beat them from these years.


Level 6

An All-American note! 1 of my favorites.


Level 6

I love that note. So much character. That's one tough bison. Looks like he is read to go for another hundred years!! Thanks!

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