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31 Dec 2017


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   HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody that celebrates this holiday!! Below I would like to share my newest Mexican silver coin acquisition. My coin guy found this, and knowing my preferences, after all these years, saved it for me. It is a Mexican silver 50 centavos piece. It is dated 1873 with a variety of having a high"3" stamped on it. It was minted in San Luis Potosi. They minted coins from 1827 through 1893. That mint has a number of different mint marks. This coin features a P with an I located to the left and about half way up. I don't really have a key to show it but the photos do. The assayers mark follows "O". In this case Juan R. Ochoa. He worked at this mint from 1870-1873. After that is a dot followed by the fineness of silver, .902.7 . The coin has an approximate diameter of 30 mm and a milled edge.  It weighs 13.536 g. The KM number is 507. The obverse has the Mexican Coat of Arms with the date below it.  The reverse, translated , reads LAW, 50 CENTS, PI, O and 9027. I could go on but you can view the photos. I like to leave a little for the viewer, if interested, to look up or ask me. Please feel free to leave comments. Thanks for looking and your time.
Whitman Encyclopedia of Mexican Money Volume 1
www. en.numista.com
Standard Catalog of World Coins 1980 Edition



Level 5

Very nice. That coin has a lot going for it.


Level 6

Beautiful coin. I like the eagle, & the fineness appearing on the coin.


Level 6

It is nice to have a "coin guy" looking out for you. Interesting coin.


Level 6

Great coin! Sounds like your'e really adding to your Mexican coin collection! Beautiful photo's too!


Level 7

Beautiful coin. Many from Mexico are. I never knew of that mint thanks for that. I learned something new. It's a good day. Good blog great pictures. Can't beat that. Thanks Mike.

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