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30 Nov 2017

1888 VAM-11A MORGAN TOP 100

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Today I would like to share one of my Morgan dollar VAM's. Below I show a Morgan 1888 VAM-11A DBL EAR TOP 100. Now allow me to decipher. This is a Morgan dollar minted in 1888 in Philadelphia hence no mintmark. It is a VAM 11-A which means it has a doubled ear. It also has an incused "n" and a partial incused "I" of "in" next to the head/neck area of Liberty. There are also heavy incused die clash marks around her lips. All these incused marks were created when the top and bottom die "clash" together with no planchet between them. The Top 100 is a list of, in this case, 100 Morgan varieties. It was created in 1996 to help get VAM collectors refocused into collecting only the most popular and significant varieties. It was hoped to stop"micro-vamming" which is the search for lesser, insignificant varieties. It has been a huge success as there are tons and tons of VAM Morgan and Peace dollars. This AU 58 is enclosed in an ANACS holder. ANACS is very common for grading and encapsulating VAM varieties, that the other 2 major third party graders will not. I also chose this coin for the nice toning around the edges and rim of the coin. I like the grade, AU 58, as it is still almost mint state, yet I can imagine objects or services this Morgan may have purchased.. It still has quite a bit of luster and cartwheel on it.. Nice grade in my opinion. I won this particular coin at an auction for a very reasonable amount of money. I believe now is a good time to check out online auction, as many people are saving up for upcoming major shows like the FUN show in January. Thanks for looking. I hope you learned something new and enjoyed the photos. Please feel free to comment.



Level 3

Nice coin. I like the VAM varieties as well. Picked up a nice AU53 VAM 4 1888O micro O recently


Level 6

Put it on a blog. Micro's are nice. I look forward to it.. Thanks.


Level 6

Now this is a cool Vam! It has all kinds of crazy things going on with it! It kind of looks like she has whats similar to some of the 1955 Franklin Half Dollar..." Bugs Bunny Teeth "! :=


Level 4

Thank you for the information, it is very helpful

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is a very noticeable variety in that grade thanks for sharing. they are great pieces to look at how different coins can be produced in the mint do to their size and detail


Level 6

Detailed & special. There is more to varieties than I thought.


Level 5

Your blogs have taught me more about VAM's that I ever knew before. Thanks for sharing.


Level 4

Nice pick up & Nice Blog Strider - Very Informative - Don't usually do too much with vams, but i see them around - so now these & the tokens Mike talks about are on my view screen - thanks guys - lol


Level 6

Nice blog. Congratulations for winning it at a nice price.


Level 7

Excellent blog. I new there were alot of vam's but not that many wow. That could be it's own collection! Now I picked up something today glad I checked it out. That would be a nice set. To think one of our most famous coins and all those vams. Remarkable I think there could be so many and who knows there might be more. I have got to go over my Morgan's. Who knows maybe I might have some. Thanks. Mike.

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