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06 Nov 2017


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Today I thought I would share another pick-up I found in my coin dealers bargain world currency bin. Below are 2 photos of a Bulgarian 3 Leva note. The word leva translates to "Lion". This note was printed in Moscow and was in use from May 1952 till march 1962. This was during the period Bulgaria was under communist, USSR, rule. That period ended in 1962. Briefly, Bulgaria is a Baltic nation that lies above Romania. Most of the Balkan countries seem to spend a great deal of their history in war or preparing for war. The capitol is Sofia. This note measures 120 x 60 mm. The front shows the Coat of Arms of Bulgaria. The back shows hands holding a hammer and sickle. It also has a watermark that are the capital letters, in Cyrillic, of the Bulgarian National Bank, "BNB" and State treasury Ticket. This particular note is in BU condition.. A unique piece of history I lived through. I look forward to your comments. Thanks for looking!


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

that is a remarkable bill thanks for sharing


Level 5

I think I have one of those. It's a nice note. It's nice to have the history to go with it.


Level 6

Beautiful note and great history lesson! Currency and notes are starting to become popular on our blogs!


Level 6

I had a few coins from Bulgaria. That note is a true collector's item. Thanks for the info.


Level 6

Thanks for the information. The note makes a great conversational piece.


Level 7

I also learned something new. The reason for blogs remarkable . I love a blog I can pick something up. Thanks for that and the pictures. Great blog. Mike

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