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10 Sep 2016


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  I don't usually buy gold coins but I really like this one. I originally saw it on an auction a couple of years ago but didn't bid on it. I've kicked myself in the butt ever since. Happily, this coin came up for bids recently. This time I bid on it and got it for a very good price. I guess everyone else was sleeping. This coin has a mintage of 651,659 in Proof grades. It was minted at West Point. Being in Proof 70 Ultra Cameo the designs really pop out. Both the obverse and reverse engravings are spectacular and inspiring. Being only .008 of an ounce less pure gold than the new Standing Liberty Commemorative, I think I got a lot better coin for a lot less money. Just my opinion. I could be wrong! Thanks for looking!



Level 5

Artwork on a coin what a concept. The Mint needs to do more of this especially with circulating coins.


Level 5

Just HAD to do this for Constitution day... Anyway it is a very nice coin and is stunning in that grade

Sounds like you got a great deal! NGC has an amazing two amazing photos of your coin. Have you seen them?

Nice piece. Surprisingly, a lot of the ho-hum modern commemoratives look much better once in your hand.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Great design. I like the feather theme, or writing quill I guess. Even the eagle is holding one.


Level 6

Nice looking coin. It was a good buy.


Level 6

Beautiful Coin! Strong, Proud American Design!


Level 7

Now your talking. I'm not a gold freak but I do love it. And I love that coin. It's another beauty. A few years ago looks like it just left the mint. And I love the design. Good work! Thanks for the information.

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