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01 Nov 2017


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I just noticed that my latest Britannia is almost a year old, 2017. I thought I better get it up before it has a birthday and the 2018's come out. The Britannia is Great Britain's answer to our Silver American Eagle. It celebrated its 30th. Anniversary with this issue, 2017. This one was minted in BU state out of .999 pure silver. In this reverse design, by  Philip Nathan, for the sixth year, features Britannia standing strong against a wale wind whipping around her Union Jack covered shield, Corinthian helmet and olive branch. She proudly grasps a trident in her right hand. A speckled radial sunburst is at her back. The Obverse,  by Jodie Clark, shows Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II facing right. This is the second year for this design. The surface has a pebbly look to it. Now the specs.. The coin weighs one troy ounce, 31.210 g and is 38.61 mm in diameter. I know a lot of people wouldn't call this a coin, just bullion. I define a coin as being minted by a country and having a stated value from that country. Just my opinion. I hope you enjoy this short blog. Thanks for looking and, as always, I look forward to your comments!


Conan Barbarian

Level 5

thanks for sharing that is a beautiful coin

coin collector

Level 4

nice coin


Level 5

I consider them coins. If not then our American Eagles aren't either. I like this design, not sure why I don't have one.


Level 6

Nice coin, and pretty good size.


Level 7

I have always loved the Britannia it's a beautiful coin and design with a whole lot o history. Thanks for that and the pictures. It's a coin that the English are very proud of. Great blog. Mike


Level 6

Love that design! I agree with SpartaCuse, I also prefer the reverse to the obverse. Thanks for a great blog and photos!


Level 4

i always prefer their reverses to their obverses


Level 6

That is one pretty coin with a majestic look. Photos are nice.

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