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12 Aug 2019


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As many of you know I am a big fan of Peace Dollar VAMs. I often write about my new collection acquisitions here. This isn’t one of them. This is about another thing I am very interested in, Dragons and Dragon coins. Below is my new 2019 Australian silver Double Dragon coin.

The two dragons depicted are of the Asian variety. These are more sinewy and snake like than European Dragons. In Chinese culture the emperor was believed to be descended from dragons and as such, the dragons are a symbol of power and royal dignity. They are always in pursuit of knowledge and that knowledge is represented in a flaming pearl of knowledge.

This coin features a pair of dragons, on the reverse, in their endless pursuit of the pearl. In the background is an array of auspicious clouds. As a dragon fan, it is important to note that Chinese dragons are a bearer of good news. They are a combination of nine animals. They are said to have the eyes of a lobster, horns of a deer, mouth of an ox, nose of a dog, whiskers of a catfish, mane of a lion, tail of a snake, scales of a fish, and claws of an eagle. They are able to fly without wings by using their powers to control the weather, wind, and rain.

The obverse shows Jody Clark’s vision of Queen Elizabeth II. It is inscribed “ELIZABETH II”, “AUSTRALIA”, “1 OZ. 9999 AG”, “2019”, and 1 DOLLAR”. The coin is a very beautiful piece of Australian art. It is 40.6 mm in diameter with a reeded edge. Although technically a bullion piece, it is legal tender in Australia with a value of one dollar, very similar to our US Silver Eagle. It has a mintage of only 50,000.

I hope you enjoy this blog and learned a bit about dragons as well. If you still don’t believe in them, visit Komodo Island in Indonesia. They believe in you. Please feel free to comment.


The Perth Mint

Natural History of Dragons—Mythic Creatures Exhibition--American Museum of Natural History-New York




Level 7

I have decided not to comment on the Young Numismatic Exchange until I'm good what it is and who started it . I did my last one today. We should be told who starts these. Have they been started by the ANA. Or someone else? If the ANA started it how come not all of them have it or is it a private club within the site. If the ANA didn't start it I have some names for everyone else to join. . Good clubs.


Level 7

Maybe you can put a picture of your snakes in your are and compare them to the coin. See how accurate the coin is! Just a thought!!


Level 6

Nice looking coin. Silver 1 oz coins can be interesting to collect.

Prodigy Coins

Level 4

Wow. Such an amazingly beautiful coin. It would be a nice addition to any collection.

beautiful coin! very interesting, never knew that stuff about dragons, so thanks for the learning moment!

It's Mokie

Level 6

That's a beauty Longstrider and as a guy with Two dragon tattoos, I applaud your alternative to VAMS. Five fingers on your dragon make it likely a Chinese style rather than a Japanese, 3 fingered dragon. I have both a Chinese and European style Dragon both on my right leg.


Level 6

Holy smokes. The ANA lets a guy with two tattoos on here? Got you beat. One on my right forearm, one on my left bicep, and one on the right half of my back. Kind of a compilation of both types and the back piece is a Komodo. My reptile breeder trademark. Thanks for the difference between Japanese and Chinese dragons. I admit to forgetting that fact.


Level 5

This coin is really cool, from VAM guy to dragons! What a diverse set of coins! In the case of coins I'll accept that variety is the spice of life.

was the 'variety' bit a well-played pun, or did you just do it without thinking? either way, I think it's an amusing numismatic pun


Level 6

Great design! There are some really cool Dragon's out there and this sure is a beauty! Nice blog and photo's... Hey is that you behind the camera in the middle of the pearl??? haha ; )


Level 6

I didn't notice that.. Yep. That's my camera with me poking my head above it. It is a very proof like finish. Great eyes Kepi!!


Level 7

Great blog. I never got into animals. I collected maybe flour Pandas but that's it. Some are very attractive . They all seem to come from Australia or Canada. It's a great looking coin enjoy it. It will fit in your collextion. That works.. Thanks again.


Level 4

that coin looks beautiful.

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