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05 May 2017


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Since today is Cinco de Mayo, I decided to put up this second set of Mexican money reference books I use. This is a 2 volume set with more volumes planned. They are written by the Don and Lois Bailey with contributions from many  experts in this field. They are  put out by Whitman Publishing where they are available for purchase. For a more detailed review please visit that web site, these are by feelings. Volume 1 covers coins from pre-Revolutuion through several Coin Reforms, varieties,patterns and many other numismatic topics through 2012. There are great descriptions of the coins with many pictures and illustrations.
  Volume 2 covers similar topics dealing in coins between 1905 to Date. Both volumes also help the reader get a better feeling for Mexican history. These reference books are, in my opinion, a must have for the collector of Mexican coinage. Thank you for reading this blog and your comments.



Level 6

These look like great reference books! Perfect for you as I know you collect Mexican coinage! You go Longstrider! : )


Level 5

As a world coin collector I know how tough it is to find English language books on what I collect. I am sure these are invaluable to you. I have seen these books but haven't purchased them yet. They will probably make it in to my library at some point.


Level 4

They look like pretty nice books with good info descriptions - Thank you

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

pretty cool book


Level 6

Nice and timely! Whitman references are always excellent.


Level 6

Nice blog and very useful information.


Level 7

Excellent blog on those coins. I don't have to many but if I did now I know what books to buy thanks to you. Thanks.Mike. Great shots of the book.

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