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02 Mar 2015


Coins | Longstrider

This toned Peace Dollar is not for everyone. It is a key date so there is that. Personally, I love toned coins. Peace Dollars , generally speaking, do not tone as nice as Morgan Dollars in most peoples opinion. I enjoy this one very much. The photo does not do the colors justice. She's in a slab and the light bounces off and flares. Sorry. I'm sure her "mustache" puts a lot of people off. Not me! I like unique items. What do you think about her? Would you add her to your collection? She is graded XF45 by PCGS. P.S.. I listed this as a collection and received little comments. This is a little experiment to see if people give more notice to blogs rather than collection!



Level 4

Cool toning


Level 4

Nice coin I like the age on it really tells a story. And yeah blogs usally tend to get more attention since you get ten points per comment rather than five.



Level 5

Love that toning.


Level 4

The is a nice Peace dollars.


Level 6

This is a beautiful Peace Dollar! I love the toning as well. I saw it on "your collection", but I think people will usually comment on a " blog" verse a "collection". I like to look at all of the collections of the Numi's I follow... Like you! : )

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