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05 Dec 2017


Paper Money-U.S. | Longstrider

  So, I was at the store the other day picking up a few items I needed. I paid for everything and received my change, a couple of bucks. I started to put the money in my wallet when I noticed one of the bills felt odd. Being a good numismatist, I checked it out further. To my surprise it turned out to be a Silver Certificate. A nice old Series 1935A. What a surprise. Then it got even better. On the back was a bunch of writing. It turned out to be, I think, 3 signatures along with the date they were signed. To help me and everyone else out, it also included the words "Short Snorter" on the edge. I actually received a Silver Certificate short snorter in my change. Talk about clean living paying off! A short snorter is a banknote that was circulated around during World War II that people traveling together signed. Each person received their own note. The practice is believed to be started in the 1920's by Alaskan Bush pilots that caught on in the military. With everyone in the group having their own copy, it was all good. Later, if you happened to run into your fellow snorter all you had to do was call him or her out for it. If he or she failed to produce his copy, he or she owed you a buck or a drink. Many famous people have signed some of these and they are readily collected. I hope you enjoyed this story of numismatic luck. I most likely should have mentioned the store was my coin dealer. He likes to do things like that to me in my change. See if I'm on my toes. Yes, he did let me keep it. I have collected quite a bit of change from him, over the years that I can't spend! Please feel free to comment. Thanks for your time.





Level 2

In response to short snorter. Thanks for the story. It is always good to hear these types of stories. It reminds me of the, "Coin Challenge," which has been around for quite some time. See brief story I came across while researching> (Story Identification #: 20053485017 Story by Cpl. Wil Acosta.) And I have to say that I also have the good fortune to visit a coin shop who does this similar experience. I have grip of current two dollar bills I won't spend.


Level 5

That's really cool. That is one of the best circulation finds I have ever heard of.


Level 6

This is the best circulation find I've heard of, all year!


Level 6

WOW, that is a nice item to receive in change!


Level 6

Really cool! Sounds like your coin dealer likes to try to pull a fast one on you! How funny! haha This tradition reminds me of our current day " Challenge Coins ". Thanks for a great blog!


Level 7

That's a great find. Sharp eyes. I check my wife's change everyday including notes. I haven't found one in months. 1935 that's a good year. Can you make out any names?. I would consider that a twofer. Two finds in one. There are ones popping up from 2013. I don't know how much they go for but who cares it's history. It's a blue note silver certificate that's fine by me. Congratulations eagle eye very good. Mike.

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