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11 Mar 2016


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   Well I did it again. I went and bought another Canadian Bullion coin. I couldn't help myself. Not only was it a great dea,l it is a dinosaur! Please see a previous post in My Collections dated 24 November. It helps explain my sickness. Not only is this a dinosaur coin, it's a Tyrannosaurus Rex. No little boy, old or young, could resist it. Now to the specs.. The coin comes in the illustrated card shown. It is in a air-tite container, in a flip. It's part of Canada's' $20 for $20 program. That means I sent them $20 Canadian, at the time that was about $15 US money, and they sent me the coin. No shipping or anything else. How can you loose? It is a 2016 and has a face value of $20 Canadian. This beautiful 99.99% silver coin is 27 mm in diameter and weighs just under 8 grams at 7.96 grams. It has a serrated edge. The reverse was designed by Julius Csotonyi and obverse was done by Susanna Blunt. I think it's a very cool coin. I'm sure a lot of people will say it's not a "coin" and a waste of money. Don't care. I like it. Why else would one purchase a coin? Thanks for looking. Please share your opinion with me.



Level 1

Tonymagoo. I have 11 grandkids from age 2 to 15. There is no way that I could pass on a dinosaur. The dragon coins, wolves, whales, bears and other Canadian coins are the fastest growing segment of my collection.


Level 4

I don't blame you. dinos r cool!

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Beautiful. Who doesn't love dinosaurs? Totally like it!


Level 7

Look if you don't want them I'll send you my address! Look you bought them because you like them. There's nothing wrong with that. I mean I've committed the sin myself so have thousands of others. Enjoy it! Mike.


Level 5

Collecting Bullion coins can be just as fun and exciting as federal coinage! Collect coins and precious metals at the same time!


Level 4

pretty cool.


Level 5

An awesome image for a coin - who would not enjoy this one? Congratulations on adding it to your collection.

Lincoln Lover

Level 3

It's still silver :)


Level 5

That is an amazing coin! No doubt that you should have bought it if that is what you like!


Level 7

What do you care what people say? You like the coin you buy it. Your the collector you want it for your your collection there is nothing wrong with that. Good for you. You never should have to defend yourself for what you bought. By the way it looks great enjoy it! Mike


Level 6

Love the T-Rex!!! Any dinosaur coin is cool with me! : )


Level 5

I pulled the trigger on this one myself this week. I justified it by saying it would be for my granddaughter.

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