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27 May 2020


Paper Money-World | Longstrider

Today I have something a little different to share. I've been saving this one and I feel it will tie in nicely with the blog on the US Mint in Manila. As we all should know, the Philippines was overrun by Imperial Japanese Forces during WWll. When this occurred, in 1942, the Japanese issued their own currency there called Japanese Occupation Currency. This was to replace the older pre-occupation money.

31 Dec 2017


Coins-World | Longstrider

HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody that celebrates this holiday!! Below I would like to share my newest Mexican silver coin acquisition. My coin guy found this, and knowing my preferences, after all these years, saved it for me. It is a Mexican silver 50 centavos piece. It is dated 1873 with a variety of having a high"3" stamped on it. It was minted in San Luis Potosi. They minted coins from 1827 through 1893. That mint has a number of different mint marks. This coin features a P with an I located to the left and about half way up. I don't really have a key to show it but the photos do. The assayers mark follows "O". In this case Juan R. Ochoa. He worked at this mint from 1870-1873. After that is a dot followed by the fineness of silver, .902.7 . The coin has an approximate diameter of 30 mm and a milled edge. It weighs 13.536 g. The KM number is 507. The obverse has the Mexican Coat of Arms with the date below it. The reverse, translated , reads LAW, 50 CENTS, PI, O and 9027. I could go on but you can view the photos. I like to leave a little for the viewer, if interested, to look up or ask me. Please feel free to leave comments. Thanks for looking and your time.

06 Sep 2016


Coins-World | Longstrider

I recently was lucky enough to add to my Mexican/Central American coin collection. From my regular coin dealer I obtained this nice Silver Balboa issued by Panama. This one is dated 1934. It is .900 silver, weighs 26.73 grams and has a diameter of 38.1 mm and a reeded edge. I had stuck to Mexican silver coins but have now also started collecting Latin American coins. I feel they add something nice to my collections and stick to the style and flavor of Mexico.

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