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14 Mar 2019


Paper Money-U.S. | Longstrider

This blog is about another of my Civil War bank notes. This one is a Type 62 or as they are also called a T-62. Although this one dollar bill is graded a modest VG 8 by PMG, I love it. It has a ton of wear. Used by a lot of people during a very dark period of our history. This note is from the Sixth Issue. That is an act of the Confederate government, that on March 23, 1863 authorizes the $50,000,000 be printed monthly from April 1863 to January 1864. This resulted in T-56 to T-63 notes. All the notes are dated April 6, 1863. All the notes printed as "Payable two years after a peace treaty. T-61-63 notes are marked payable 6 months after a peace treaty.

18 Jun 2017


Paper Money-World | Longstrider

Below is my specimen of, I feel, one of Mexico's most beautiful Bank notes. This would be a 1961 specimen of a 5 Peso note. This note is commonly called the gypsy note. This particular note is dated 8 November, 1961.. Romania or, Romani, "Gypsies " , or "gitanos", began showing up in Mexico, in significant numbers, in the mid 19th century. The Obverse or front side of this note shows a beautiful Gypsy woman. The reverse shows the statue of another beautiful woman that is depicted on the modern Libertad. Thanks for looking. I look forward to your comments. Please note: American Bank Notes Company printed this series!

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