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23 Feb 2021

The Boston Massacre

Coins | Mike

Well I hope you all are doing fine. Soon we will be back at shows! The Boston Massacre. March 5,1770.. Manny think that the war between the colonists and Britain started at Concord and Lexinton.. That happened April,19 1775. Some will argue the fact that this one act was the true start of the war for our Independence. I was looking at some bullion. Yes it's ok to buy bullion. I came across this famous drawing. It was done by Paul Reverer! And it took of like a wilddire. Britain has just passed the Townshand act. This was passed by King George the 111. to exert authority over the colonies. A group had gathered on King street. With that came the British soulders. They were led by Capitan Preston.. They were here to keep peace. Not to slaughter the crowd. What happened next changed the whole spirit of the occupation over all the colonies. The crowd started throwing snow balls at the small group of soldier's. Some said rocks. One of the soldiers fired and others chimed right in killing six. Peace was finely restored. This incident happened by a elm tree. So named the Liberty tree.. Signs were put on the Tree "I need the blood of the the British to keep growing . Soldiers were hung in effigy on the brances. Paul Reverse made sure his drawing made all the papers and soon it became the sound of liberty through out the colonies. The soldiers were taken into custody. But who would defend them in an American court. Would you believe a poor patriot lawyer. And future President John Addams. He believed everyone was entitled to a fair defence. The trial went on . Then the jury ruled. Capitan Preston and six others of the 29 regiment were found not guilty. Two others were found guilty of manslaugbter. There sentence was to be branded on there thumbs with an 'M" . Now the coin caught my eye. Simply because I saw it in a history book in school. There are hundreds of these pictures and everyone almost identical.. The obverse shows the incedent. The reverse shows The tree of Liberty with an eagle on top and colonists gathered around it. It came it a glass case and weighs two ounces.. If you read the C.O..A. There was only 999 made. I liked it . It depicts a very important part of our history. There are to be nine more in this seris. . I have to see what they look like . So do you think a snowball led to our fight for independence? I believe this was the first mass killing of the colonist. I say it helped a great deal. The 13 colony were beside themselves . I think the attitude got to all . And it was the start. If anyone knows do they still teach our history in school ? This tree became a rallying point for speeches and anything anti British.

13 Feb 2021

Rachel Louise Carson

Medals | Mike

Hi everyone . I hope your all fine and well. I know the first question . Who was Rachel Louise Carson. She was a great woman and a fighter her whole life to clean up the envirment. That movement didn't start ten or twenty years ago. It started with this great author and marine biologist. She was born May 27,1907 she passed on April 14,1964. But what did she do she started work on the Global Environment movement. She wrote a book called Silent Spring. Her most famous and well read book.. As I said she started as a marine biologist. She moved on to the other problems facing the world.Her career started at the U.S Bureau of Fisheries and became a full-time author in the 1950's. Then she turned to conservation and the main problem being pesticdes. You see now what I mean when I say this movement didn't start twenty or thirty years ago. She took on the problems and immediately took on major compaines. She testified before.Senate subcommittee. The book Silent Spring was written in 1962. Her best writing. She went after the companies making pesticides such as D.D.T.. She never backed down and it led to a national ban on this dangerous chemical. This one person . This one woman. Took on the giants of industry. This led to The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Who says one person can't change things. Many famous individuals have. Now her first story was written t the age of ten. To list her publications they would all have to do with with issues dealing with environmental issues. This magnificent died of a heart attack caused by cancer. Some say from studying and learning about the damage these chemicals caused. The rivers and oceans. P!ants that we need to grow and live on. Her posthumous honors could fill a book on its own. That's because this woman changed the way we live todayl! Over the globe. Companies dumping waste into rivers and oceans killing fish fry the thousands. Where did I get this medal abiut this wonderful woman.? From the AN.A. I think there still for sale. The medal was designed by a gentleman named Don Everhart. It's 71kmm 142 grms. Just look at the design. The American Eagle with its catch. Her likeness with a farm ,deer an eagle in flight a butterfly a river and a forest. Every thing she worked for. So we could live a life today without poisons and the killing of great animals. Fish from clean ruvers. This woman we owe the earth for a rare wonderful woman and what she did. This Medal was supposed to be sold at the A.N.A. Show in 2020. But we know it was cancelled. Call. I believe they have ones in silver and bronze. This is what this hobby does. It teaches us. How many people knew of this woman before the Medal. not many. A great choice by the A.NA. It's beautiful and I would call and pick one up. They are numberd. I have 41. But it's the Medal that counts. That teaches. Just like this hobby!! Thanks. Mike!!

08 Feb 2021

Look What I Found

Coins | Mike

I hope you all are safe and well. Many times in my blogs I have said I bought my wife a sports store. . All it was an exciting expierance. We met famous sports figures. Even went out to dinner with them.. To understand that you must understand the sports industry.. We would have players to come to the store so that kids from all over would come to meet them get a ball ,picture, Jersey bag ,or.stick. Whatever you wanted sigined. I would walk over to open the store. . Already the line was around the block. . The kids.we're waiting thinking of what they would say. When the Limo pulled up they forgot everything they were going to say. We had players for all the different sports. To see there faces made everything worth while. We tried to give them five minutes with the player. To talk to him. It never lasted that long . I think they call it star struck!! Other stores sign and go Not us if it was going to go over the limit we asked the player and they always said for the kids no problem. Some of the players I met with my wife were Mark Messler Wayne Gretzky. After the signing in there hotel we would go down stairs for dinner. They always paid. The list just goes on. The agent would call us tell us the name they were using and the room. People stalked the hotels when the famous were in town. . In the years we were open not one baseball or anything signed ever came back. We had built a trust with the people.That's important. If a team won the championship getting a player went from five thousand to ten. And we paid for the limo. After a few years of great business a guy named Steiner came along . Smart man. He signed every player to a contract. To get a player was now impossible. After a year we couldnt afford to get things signed. All of the mom and pop stores closed. Now why I wrote this. We bought items to sell from many places. Below you will see the famous Highland Mint Flip coin for the super bowl. Made of one ounce of silver and gold. These were made for every superbowl. I was looking on ebay and came upon this super bowl coin. It's used by the Reff to go heads of tales. The mintage on this was 7,500. That's low. I see the price 20,000 dollars!!!! I said I have that . It was Supebowl 31. The Patriots and Philadelphia. The Patriots won 24-21. It as held Feb,7 2005.

29 Jan 2021

My Christmas Surprise! A Thank You To All !!

Coins | Mike

My friends I hope you are all well. I woke up Christmas Day. I signed on only to see this. I was schocked. I immediately commented on it . I said I don't deserve this. Everyone who writes blogs they deserve this. I'm disabled some of you know the extent of my injuries.I have a large collection so I decided to write about every coin I own. I had the time I don't know who's idea it was but I was taken back. I have received many awards. But known as great as this. To be honored by your peers is the greatest award you can receive. I cherish this . I still don't think I'm the one. I love history and every coin tells a story. To share my knowledge of coins with you is not work but a pleasure. Simply because of the comments you leave. I read them and I learn from them I have put a set of tokens a together. It's one of a kind . It took five years to put together. All graded MS 63 to MS 66. All the tokens are rare. Made in the 1700's Red and Brown and one proof like.there are 19 in the set thought for this I would get some recognition. We all want to be recognized for our sets and coins. It took two years to find the last one. I sent it in NGC noticed that this was a complete set done by P.Kempson. They asked me to send the set back.I didn't know why. But when I did my name was on the label.!!The ANA wanted no part of it. Nothing. But my friends and others in the ANA and NGC told me in messages you did something very rare. They helped me look for the last one. I thought an article was forth coming but no.. Why do I tell you this be proud of your work here. Do your best we will see.it and learn from it . The comments left were very touching by the way. one better than the other. So do not expect anything from the ANA. Those were friends. My wife has a frame but my hands are getting bad I had to write this now. You will make friends here. Some for many years. Help each other. There is nothing you cannot achieve here. My motto is never give up.. Don't let the experts tell you you you can't do this. Well the experts have been wrong many times. I was told by those respected in Conder token that my set was impossible. It wasn't. It was hard. When I was down all of you picked me up. So I must say again this has to go to everyone in the ANA who blog and teach us . Who teaches me .. I am forever grateful to those who put this together. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget this. You didn't have to do this. I was so surprised. I would like to see this given out to others who donate there time to others . Blogging is fun. It's learning . I have never learned so much from all of you. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with you. .. I was recently diagnosed with Arthritis in both hands. That's why my blogs have slowed down and putting this up now was important. .But I will continue to post blogs. I think I have put up two hundred that's a guess. That didn't help my hand!! I have a passion for this hobby that I hope you all catch.. It's remarkable you don't want to stop and don't. It takes over everything. When you get it you will know. I leave you with this. I thank the ANA for allowing me to use there site. But the real thanks goes to all of you. I just wrote them. You read them and I hope some of you took something away with you. Passion and the desire to be a good collector. That's what it's about all friends. Bless you all be safe be well. Pace Nobis Pachem!Bring us peace.!! Thank you. Mike b.

16 Jan 2021

General Douglas MacArthur One Peso

Coins | Mike

Kindly excuse the shortest of this blog. . Hi everyone. General MacArthur was we call an Army brat. From his grandfather to his dad. All heros. His dad received the Medal of Honor in the civil war. So did MacArthur. For his planning of the Philippines and getting them back from the Japanese. He was born in January 26,1880 at a base called Little Rock Barracks in Little Rock Arkansas he passed away on April 5th,1964. His father a Capitan was stationed there at the time of his birth. He traveled from base to base. His father's name was Arthur MacArthur.Jr.

28 Dec 2020


Coins | Mike

Hi everyone! This is a short blog on the man who made what some called America's coin. George T. Morgan. No he was not born here he was born on November24,1845. He lived a good life . He passed on January 4,1925. His original home was in Bilston Staffordshire England. He was winning all sorts of awards designing coin and medals. The question remains how did he get here. He didn't decide one day and say I'm going to America. How he arrived here because of the good graces of the Director of the Royal Mint Charles W. Fremantle. He received a letter from the Director of the United States mint.H.R.Lieberman asking him if he could send a die sinker to the states. Our coinage was not the best. He even said that to Mr.Fremantle . He immediately thought of one and only one. George.T. Morgan. Now he asked Mr. Morgan he did not hesitate. However there were two engravers at the U.S. Mint that were not happy to here this. Mr. William Barber and Mr. Charles Barber. They started a campaign to keep Mr. Morgan out of the mint. They wrote letters demanded meetings. But while this was going Mr. Morgan was already in his way. He came to the U.S. on the ship The Illinois September 27,1876. And things only got worse. You see Me William Barber said there was no place for him to work at the mint. There was no love lost with this man. He had Mr. Morgan work at a rooming house !! Can you believe this. He worked at 3727 Chestnut St. But Morgan didn't care . You see everyone new that the Barbers were doing private projects in the side and filling his pockets. These two men were not liked very much. Well the rest we basically know. Mr. Morgan developed the dollar . His model was a Philadelphia school teacher named Anna Williams. She sat five times for Mr. Morgan . She was recommended by Thomas Eakins an artist. They made so many Morgan dollars that in 1918 they melted re 270 million coins as a loan to England. I say it was a way of saying thanks for sending Mr. Morgan. The G.S.A. hoard had a big affect on the prices of the coin. He Passed away in his home at 6320 McCallum St.in Germantown. He did become chief engraver after Charles Barber died. That part was very unfair.I hope you enjoyed this small blog. To those who gave me the award on 12, 25,2020 I will blog about it once it's framed. Thanks to all of you. Mike bThe G.S.A. hoard is there please enlarge all the pictures. The MS 66 Morgan is mine I call her the Ice Lady. You see New Orleans did make good coins. I took many pictures of this coin and they all came out the same way like she was like in ice! Remember this was about how he arrived here not his life story.!!

20 Dec 2020

Gone But Not Forgotten

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone. This is a blog about those who lost there lives in all our wars and how some are remembered. My wife Kathy belongs to a group called The Vikings. Twice a year they go to the local Military Cemetery and remember . During the year they raise money to buy the wreaths. They sell chances fifty fifty. Enough to make sure every soldier gets one. Every man and woman. The ones on top of the hill are from World War 1. . Down the hill World War 11 then Korea and Vietnam.. They all get one and the weather has never stopped them all these years. There are other groups in other areas were they do the same thing. They say a prayer before they start and when there done they stop and just say Thanks!! They leave they don't know.any of them they don't have to. Then a few moments when they look and see what they have done. Some relatives show up but very few. No one seems to show up from World War 1 . Yes there families either can't make it or they know that someone will. The Vikings. . I never asked my wife why that name but we all know the Vikings were fierce warriors like those laying there. It's peaceful you here a bird fly over the do there work. My wife was laying a wreath and saw the name Aloysius LLyod Byrne. No relationship. She stoped to say hello and thanks. Some members say something at every grave. They work hard all year. But this is not work this is an act of love. A simple act but I can tell you those soldiers really appreciate it. You can just feel it. together there Christmas gift. From a bunch of kind hearted people. People who never knew them.. We're ever you live think of starting a group. . I know the families that can't make it would greatly appreciate it. The winner of the fifth fifty always gives there winnings back to the group The coin says it all. One soldier helping the other. The other pictures show regular people helping them . . It doesn't take long but the memories do. They last. They feel they did the right thing. And they did. A big thank you to the Viking group and groups all over the country. For giving a gift to a soldier they never knew. Be safe be well.

08 Dec 2020

1794 Plain Edge Token Franklin Press A/U 58

Tokens | Mike

Hi my friends . I'm writing this blog about a label. That's right. It's wrong. Quick story. This is the second time I have taken up my position against NGC. You see the title is wrong. Very wrong. I called NGC. Talk about people who Will not admit to a simple mistake. The label should read 1794 GB. Half Penny. No Edge. Franklin Press Middlesex 307a. This is the third year I have taken them to task. If you didn't know Condor tokens and saw this in the Red Book you would think it was made here a post Colonial. Very wrong. Now NGC has refused to change the label to read the way it should. It was according to Mr. Bowers it never circulated in the United States. England yes.I spoke to the section supervisor of tokens and heard no we will not change the label. I said because if you did you would be doing the right thing. And admitting you made a mistake. Never happen Now I just want the label to read the correct information. Made in Great Britain. Not the U.S. I said give me proof about your label. We don't have to do that. I have the proof the book the token . Bottom line they made a mistake.. Bottom line they refuse to change history. The history of Mr. Franklin and were his token was made. I think they found it on wikapedia. Then I could understand the mistake. To this day refuse to change there label. It's a Conder token pure and simple. No number to look it up in Dalton and Hammer. That number is 307a. Has nothing to do with the red book.. I thought in was speaking to a token expert. Turns out wasn't. They will not take it higher. Didn't mean I won't . These mistakes must be corrected. . It means allot to those who are looking to buy it and own it. It does mean something about history. Thanks.

05 Dec 2020

Saint Andrew of Scotland D&H -44 1792

Tokens | Mike

Hi everyone hope you are all well. Today is a token about St. Andrew. Who was he? He was the brother of Peter.. It was made in 1792. It's a half penny,made of copper. It weighs 11.1 gems 29 mm thickness is 2mm. . This token is what is called a double rarity. There is only one rarer than this. You notice the two pieces of wood he is holding. They are to be his cross. He said I do not deserve to be crucified like Jesus.. The cross is called de cussata or x shape. It states No one provokes with impunity! The reverse is the It or arms or Edinbourgh. The edge says Payable at the warehouse of Thos & Alex R Hutchison . He was crucified on November 30 60 A.D. Being St. Peter's brother he was the first follower of CHRIST. . He preached the word of God and said "I would not preach the honor and glory of the death s of the cross if I feared the death of the cross" .So he was sentenced to death for denying the religion of the Roman gods. His words were "I Cross Most Welcome And Long Anticipated! I Come To You With A Willing Kind With Joy And Desire A Fowler A Student Of The One Who Died For You. I Have Always Embraced You". He was not nailed to this cross instead he was tied. It has The same effect. You might say Why is he writing about a Saint. Well I'm actually writing about a token and the man who died on his cross.. If you look at the flag of Scotland it was made after the cross of St. Andrew. The country loved him. As a religious man and a man who stood up to the Roman Empire.. One man. He knew he didn't stand a chance. Knew that eventually after the interagations that the Romans would sentence him to death. Besides there's nothing wrong with a little religion now in the situation we live in today. Who Ever we pray to. Pray. This is a small blog. The man was sent out to preach the word of God by the Holy Spirit. They spoke all the world langues. He is also the patron Saint of other countries he preached in . When the House or the Senate is called to order in Washington it's opened by a member of one of the many Religions in this country . He says a small prayer that God will direct these men to a favorable decision. That doesn't happen all the time. Everywhere there is Justice we see in God we Trust.That's a reference to your God not the Catholics. .So politics does have a place in our history. The Druids had many in Ireland.St. Patrick witch is also a token here in the colonies.. He took there Sun God combined it with the Christian cross and the Celtic cross was.born. So Conder tokens have animals ,people famous people.who started the industrial revolution. War hero's just about every famous person in the 18th century. The political section has one of George Washington. In MS 61 it sold for 25,000 dollars. So you see there are many famous people. This was a way of recording there history.. These tokens grade very high. They were taken care of better than some coins today. The biggest I have is a MS 66 many of them. Proof like red and brown and the detail you can count the bricks or the links in a fence. These were masters. So I decided to write about this man Andrew. Yes an ordinary man who preached. Your not made a Saint the next day . Sometimes it takes centuary's. It's a remarkable process. So it's not a holy day just a normal day in the middle of a pandemic. A little religion won't hurt . It might save lives. I hope.you enjoyed this story of a simple man. Who influenced an entire country. Just like the people of the Mayflower. Looking for.religious freedom. So in this day of a virus taking million s.if lives ask St. Anthony for a quick cure . Thanks

01 Dec 2020

The Fugio Cent 1787

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone. The Fugio Cent is probably the most Historical and significant coin made by the United States. Why? It was the first coin made by the United States Fugio is Latin for I fly. It was designed by none other than Benjamin Franklin. Now this story can get very complicated. I will stay with the readers digest version. It was made by James Jarvis of New Haven Connecticut. He made three hundred tons. That's how they were counted in Britain and since Matthew Bolton head of the SoHo mint was notified about making this copper. He told them the in and outs. He made coppers that I collect today.. They determine weight of the coin they divide the weight of a coin and figure how home by were in each batch they made. Now it does not state how many reached circulation because the following year they were stored in the Bank of New York. Now they were stored in barrels. That's the way they stored most items of the day. Now this great coin of course was forgotten about. Imagine that the 13 colonies vote on making a coin designed by one of the founding fathers and they put it in the vault of a bank the very next year. It was re discovered in 1856. Now the raw coins are what they should look like. But do to a water leak many were corrode. Mine if you enlarge it says that. Could my coin of come from that batch? I think it has a good shot.The obverse has a sun dial around it is the time. Time flies. In the bottom it has a statement from Mr. Franklin. "Mind Your Own Busines". Now this is not a harsh statment. It means do well in bussiness. Or grow your own bussines. . The chains stand for the thirteen colonies.. It has the United on one side of the circle and States in the other. Cinq stands for high rims or different varities. The exact date was April 21,1787 I only wish I could have been there. We're did I get mine. ? I don't have a clue. I just hope it was real. It is. I didn't care about a grade. I wanted to own history. And now I do. This is the start of our economy. One coin brought us were we are today. Amazing!! They were rapped in cotton. And the Bank Of New York handed them out to favorite customers this happens in 1948 . Then the American Numismatic Society examined the 1641 coins they were all found to be in MS. Now the Bank of New York was taken over by the Melon Bank mailing it known as the Melon Bank of N. Y.. There are suppose to be 819 still out standing. Any one what to go to the bank. The rumors say that as 2013 they were till there. I really wanted to tell the whole story but there is to much And you can get confused. Look some of the story up. This you will enjoy. One site has P.C.G.S. Stating it was mad at the Philadelphia mint. Sorry P.C.G.S. That mint was not producing anything then. I really tried to bring justice to this historic coin but it would of taken months. I tried to make it understanding. At least you got the basis of this coin. I did increase the brightness of the obverse so you could see some detail. Please.enlarge the picture of the coin So you can read the label. Thanks.


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