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21 Sep 2022

Lewis and Clark Set Released May,24,2004

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone. I hope your all well. Today I will write about a set. A special set never done by the mint before or after. Its about the Lewis and Clark expedition. Now we know that this expedition was one of this country's greatest ever undertaken.

08 Sep 2022

The Queen is Dead Long Live The King

Coins | Mike

Some would call her a great woman Some would not.I'm sorry she passed away. That's coming from someone born in Ireland. Centuries of troubles. I must say she was a giving person. To charities and the poor. She was the one besides Tony Blair to apologize for some of the atrocities committed on the Irish. But she ran here country even after the death of her husband. My heart went out to her when I saw her sitting alone in the church pew. She has done many great things. We can't forget that. Till the age of 96. I was lucky to get the coin of the five portraits of her from when she became Queen in 1953 She went to the comenwelths of her country. You can of say everything in a blog about a woman who ran a country in good times and bad. So I will leave it at that. God bless her and keep her in his arms. The two coins the obverse were the same when she became Queen . She was a rock!!

07 Sep 2022

Coins The Magic They Do

Coins | Mike

What do coins do? Well we buy items with them. We collect them. But what they really do is bring us all together. No matter what religion race creed or what country your from once you sign on to this site we are all one. Think about it. We all have this one thing in common. We share them with each other. Tell the history of them.But most of all we learn. Now the coins below are coins of two Popes. Were ever a Pope goes he is followed by millions. Why to see a man of peace. This is not a religious blog. Its about two beautiful coins I was very lucky to get. Enlarge the pictures and look at the coins and the C.O.A. Look at the mintange. Very low.That's what I meant when I said I was one of the lucky ones. Because of there beauty. ...One is of a man called Pope John Paul the 11.The other is of Pope Francis. He made a visit to the United States. And they made a beautiful coin to commemorate this journey. That was in 2015. The second coin is to commemorate the Saint hood of Pope John Paul the Second. He was born in Poland so the Poland Mint made the coin. By the way the Pope does not need a passport but has one! ..Now the packaging of that coin came in wood. It is suspended in air in a clear plastic. It is a sight to see. It looks like its just there not being held by anything. Very well done. The box is cardboard but once you open it you have to be impressed. .I brought these coins to show its not about religion. They honor two men of peace. It doesn't matter what religion they are. They teach the same thing. Peace . Help those who needs it. These are things every religion do. They dedicate there life to this cause just like other men of peace. I often wonder what we would be like if Martin Luther King and JohnF. Kennedy were not killed. I believe we would be in a peaceful nation. The hungry feed the homeless given shelter. Those two men were taken before there time. They had allot of work to do together. Them and others. We all saw Rodney King get beat almost to death by police officers. What did he say " Can't We All Just Get Along " men of peace. This is what coins do for us. I have no idea who my friends are!. I don't know who or were they come from or there beliefs. But when I sign on I know one thing. Coins do bring us together!! Hope you enjoyed this blog. Stay well. Mike. This is what coins bring to us! Please ENLARGE THE C.O.A. AND THE PICTUTPRES. YOU WILL SEE THE MINTAGE!

05 Sep 2022

The Nickel That Changed The Cold War!!!!

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone I hope all is well. We talk about coins in the movies and used for other props. But this blog is about a single nickel that changed History!!Lets start !!! .....This nickel stoped the cold war for a while. You see A young man his name was Jimmy Bozart. Jimmy was a paper boy. On his rounds to collect his pay for delivery of his news papers. This 14 year old stopped at 3403 Foster Ave in Brooklyn. The gentleman paid him and on his way down the steps he noticed something was wrong. I remember getting under our desk in case of an atomic bomb like it would of helped but that's what we did! . He was right. He noticed the 1947 nickel was very very lite. While looking at it he dropped it and it split open!!He found a black film very small. Brought it to his dad. They went to the police who brought everyone to the F.B.I. for questioning. It turned out to be micro film! Further study showed names and important documents. Now to the Russian Spy his name was Abel Ivanovich. The nickel he gave Jimmy was a 1947 nickel. Now I saw this nickel at the F.B.I. museum in the F.B.I. building it looked like a normal nickel. ....The Russians wanted their spy back. So they made a deal. A few years before our U-2 spy plane was shot down over Russia. The deal our pilot for there spy. B thoth sides agreed. They met on a bridge and the exchange was made. That's were the two movies come in. The F.B.I. Story and on October 16,2015 the second movie A Bridge of Spys. Starting Tom Hanks. ...Now think what would have happened if little Jimmy did not drop that nickel? We wouldn't know about the ring and they would of gone on spying on us. But that nickel changed the cold war. An exchange for one of our pilots for a spy. This seems like fiction but it did happen! Imange if it did not drop. People important people could of been killed.Some of our dearest secrets would of been found out!!I check my 1947 nickels when I get them. Who knows. I hope you enjoyed this short blog and true story. A single nickel played such an important part in our history!

03 Sep 2022

Milk Spots White Haze And Black Marks Update!!Live On T.V.

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone. Hope you are all doing well. I nave to update my blog on Milk spots. I was watching Rick Tomaska on Sunday September,3 at 12:10 P.M. What a shock!! He showed three Morgan dollars from the mint in there OGP. To my surprise a white haze covering the obverse of a new Morgan. He wasn't done on the reverse of another Morgan black marks. That's right black marks. You can see them with the naked eye. The third I had a mark right on the check of a Morgan. Now I wrote an email about this and never got back. I always get a reply. Not last time. The mint has gone back in time to the 1950's. This problem has to stop. This is our hard earned money. So they send coins we might as well through away.

28 Aug 2022

Why I Would Not Store My Coins In A Safety Deposit Box

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone I hope you are all well. I did some research on storing some of my coins in my banks safety deposit box.After talking to the agent at the bank I walked out and said my mattress is safer. One the vault and the safety box area are kept at high humidity to protect important papers. Now that will make your coins tone even in a slab. Now anything you put in is not insured. If you want to put large amounts of money the I.R.S can and will confiscate that money. There thinking is your trying to beat the government out of taxes. Besides things have been stolen from these boxes. I read a story a gentleman went to look at the gold coins his grandfather left him. The bank manager was very helpful till they got to the box. Forty thousand dollars of gold coins were gone!! The manager said the government thought that he was part of a terrorist ring. He of course was not. They don't even have to notify you. Before you sign the contract read it carefully.Some banks still do not allow coins to be stored. Who would of thought. The I.R.S if there investigating you can empty your box of all its contents. Of course no weapons or anything dangerous can be stored. I have read on line horror stories of coins missing and boxes emptied. Safe deposit boxes don't sound to be safe. Your on your way to look at your coins. There is a sign in the window. This branch is temporary closed. Nothing you can do. Your box might have gone to another branch and opened. Yes a government official will be there. Why? There looking for people stealing from the government!You don't have access to the vault 24/7. That also can be a problem. Yes big brother is watching they do want your money. Large deposits of jewelry. And the will use any reason to get them. Buy a safe for home . I have been using one for years. Bolt it in the floor. That's the safest way to do it. Miss a payment after all there rented for the year some states have laws that say they can confiscate your box. Its easy to forget the bank won't mind if I'm late but the state government does. For years people thought these boxes were safe for cash and coins. There not. One person asked the agent can I store my coins in my box. He said yes!! But would not put that in writing . Why he knows the many reasons government officials have to taking the contents of your box!So as I stated earlier read the contract over and over again. These coins include gold coins from foreign country's . If its gold it doesn't matter. After I spoke to the agent I realized I could not rent a box. This I cannot say. My coins would be gone in a heart beat with my papers. Be careful think twice. Is this what you want? But I'm honest!.Sometimes the government doesn't think so. They could be 100% wrong. You still loose! This includes silver coins not just gold. Any precious metal!

15 Aug 2022

Milk Spots On Silver Coins

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone!. Hope all is well. Today I will write about a plague on silver coins. There called white spots or milk spots. The other day I took out my silver eagle complete set to look at. To my surprise I found three coins destroyed by these marks. The 1998, 1999,and the 2009. The Kangaroo coin below is a 2018!! And not mine! Now I have had this set from beginning to end. Never had any problems till I looked at it I do that I enjoy looking at my coins like so many of you. This would drop the value of the set considerably. I was lucky to find them for a good price to replace them. Why replace them? Because there is no way to get rid of these. I don't care what they say on the web it is impossible. You see there backed into the planchets. This process is called annealing. The coin after it is made is backed in a furnace at 1000 degrees to prevent the coin from becoming brittle. What mints are having this problem all of them. The worst problem is the Royal Canadian Mint. The coin with the biggest problem the Maple Leaf. With us its the Eagle. Now they had a problem until 2017. After a five year study and testing they have solved the problem. Our problem is they will not share this with our mint. When the coin is struck that's it they become part of the coin.

11 Aug 2022

America The Beautiful Five Ounce Coins

Coins | Mike

Hi!. I hope all is well! Today I will be writing about the five oz coins from America the Beautiful set. I did not buy the first year. Why well I wasn't sure if I liked them. So I waited for the second year. Those I liked. I wanted them graded so I entered auctions. When I chose to do this I waited a while so the price would drop. This worked out. I was able to get these at some good prices. You notice there from all third party graders. I buy the coin not the label or the slab. This turned out to be in my favor. The two ANACS are 70!! There the only ones but if you look at the labels two are satin finish. To me they look beautiful. I'm sorry about the pictures its hard enough to take a one ounce in a slab! These also had allot to do with the history of our country. Now I had every intention of going for the set. Then you add up the price and say I'm happy with these. Yes they cost a fortune if you add five a year for ten years. At a round 200.00 A piece depending on the grade it would cost something way out of my budget. I know some who have it they have been blessed. Good for them. I'm glad some people got them. But me out of the budget. I always say buy within your means. I would be paying of this set for along time. So I made the smart move.Do I wish I could buy them all of course but as collectors we should by in a budget. Never buy on impulse. That will get you in debt real fast. I matched these up with the regular quarters. There exact in every way. I did collect the regular quarters. All in silver. I like them better. And there easy to keep. This blog I will not go into dimensions. And I believe most of us have A few of the regular quarters. Who designed them has been said many times on this site.

27 Jul 2022


Coins | Mike

Hi everyone hope all is well. I believe one of most important thing in collecting is doing inventory. Whatever you do don't do what I did. I waited to long. Now there is soft where for this. I hope those that use it will list it below and the benefits of what they have. Now I have been collecting 30 years. All my coins are protected that's another thing you should do. My coins are in metal boxes with foam that holds slabs. Now after thirty years I know were most of my coins are. Some I find I don't remember that I had it. I started doing my inventory a few months ago. I'm old fashion I bought an accounting book and it works out great. Everything about the coin goes in one line across. Even how much I paid for it. That's important. Would you believe I still have about three or four months to go? That's because I waited to long. Start with your first coins. Do not wait. Eagles with eagles Franklin's with Franklin's. I even have the amount of silver in ever coin I then add it up on the bottom of the page. This is not fun. However its easy to use. I have a picture of every coin in my registry . So that's taken care of. Putting coins in date order takes time. You don't have to go thru what I'm going thru. Start now. Don't wait. I mean I enjoy it because I like looking at my coins. Soon I will know where every cent is .I open the book to the table of contents. Cents are on page one. Slabs start on page five. So you see it does pay off. The only thing is finding time to do this. I have to make time be wise I didn't do it when I should of. Even my books are in order . I'm at the point were I can open the book and go to any slab any date and grade. Yes I should of started years ago. But when I'm done I will make a copy of every page and keep that in the safe . I hope your getting the idea of how important this is. If you want to sell your collection and the buyer comes over and says do you have the 2013 reverse proof set. Open your book and right away you say yes or no. Sets I have in another section. Year grade what TPG how much I paid and the cert numbers. Not in that order. Everything on the label goes in the book. And I check every cert number twice. That's important. So you have an idea what has to be done. Either with soft where or by paper and pen. Its not easy. That's why I suggested you start from the time you start collecting. It will save you the time and energy later when your done or go to sell your collection. So if you haven't started I suggest you start. It will make life easy for all. Thanks for taking a look I hope you start today!

19 Jul 2022

2023 Morgan's and Peace Dollars

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone. This is more of an announcement than a blog. A few of us have found out that the mint will produce five Morgan's and Peace dollars in 2023. One will be a reverse proof set then there will be an uncirculated Peace dollar and Morgan Dollar. Add to that a Proof Morgan and a Proof Peace dollar. They will be released next year. The good news you can order them today. Go to the mint site. Down to the bottom of the page. Click on Coin Programs. Click on Morgan and Peace dollars. They will come up. Have your card ready. By the way you can cancel any coin you don't want if you change your mind! Just bring up my enrollments .Click on the ones you want. They will go into your bag and then chekout. You have just joined the enrollment program. Next year when they are released your card will be billed and they will be mailed to you. Now the mint has not announced this. No trying to get one its already yours. No prices have been posted and no mintage have been posted not even the date when they will be released. I believe the reverse proof set will sell for 175.00. The others around the price of last years. I do not know the price of the proof. So if you want one I would order now. You won't be kicked of ten times and get shut out. Its the best way to buy these. ..No sellout in one minute. Just you getting what you ordered and you have done everything that has to be done. So. Follow the instructions and if you want one now is the time because when its announced they will go in a minute. I wish all of you luck. Be safe and stay well. Mike.


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